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  • francois daoust
    Bonjour, my name is François ,i am 30 years old, i live with my girlfriend Marie-Neige in Montréal, Québec, Kanada. I have been part of the forum for about
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2002
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      my name is Fran�ois ,i am 30 years old, i live with my
      girlfriend Marie-Neige in Montr�al, Qu�bec, Kanada. I have been part of the
      forum for about a year an a half but i had never show my presence. I was too
      busy and couldn't implicate myself into the discussions. But i founded them
      very stimulating and inspiring. I was working hard to earn some money to buy
      a land or working in the garden with my friend, building a synertical garden
      about 2 hours 45 from house... I learned a lot with it but it is not
      possible to garden there again.

      I am very dedicated to Natural farming but i face a problem : i don't have a
      land. I worked very hard the past 3 years to earn some money. I learned a
      lot there too! My situation do not give myself acces to private propriety.
      in my contry. I found that is essential to "own" a land when you want to
      create an eco-system and assure it will stay like that since there is not a
      lot of people that believe that we can live in sinergy with nature .

      I still remember when i found The one straw revolution, 5 years ago, in a
      public librairy in Montr�al, where i live. This moment was perfect. I had
      the feeling that the wilds and cultivateds plants could live togheter.I was
      very impressed of all the work Fukuoka san did. A few months later i met
      Patrick, that became my friend, who had been part of Emilia's class when she
      came in Qu�bec.

      After a one year experience making a synergitical garden someplace (it does
      not exist anymore)we have been creating a synergetical eco-system at my
      friend�s place that exist for three years now. We have aproximatively 3 1/2
      frost free months at the garden. The plants are becoming strong in this
      "going wild" environnement..

      It is a nice garden shaped like a buterfly 20 x 10 meters implented with
      perenials, mulch with oat straw with a abandoned (wild) little orchard at
      its south. This summer we sowed the same dimensions of clover (70% white,
      20% red, 10% yellow) daikons, annual vetch, in a area west of this buterfly

      We had so much snails this year that our harvest was very low. They where
      eating all the direct seed plants that where trying to germinate lettuce,
      quinoa, corn, all squashs, black soy and especially peas and beans. We
      planted at least 350 seeds of beans---none survived. An other thing is that
      i noticed, after transplanting that the plants where not groing. For a while
      i tought it was the shock of transplanting or the temperature. But when
      looking carefully i discoverded that a lot of the plants neck where all
      eatened at their baseby a scary worm. So much work. I felt alone with that
      problem . In the country, we didn't have access to internet and when i was
      in the city i was submerge with work.

      The way to winter soltice is a good occasion to think of what i did and
      where i am going. A good time to introduce myself to you.

      I were a bit deceived this fall (start in september here) thinking about
      that. I putted a lot of hope, time and money in the garden project. I have
      vey rare seeds that i grow espacially a corn named Gasp� flint that was
      cultivated by natives my country before the pilgrims came.I am far from that
      now! I decided to follow my heart instead of planing the thing rationnaly.
      it paid!!! I found a interesting group of people in Qu�bec that do
      synergetical agriculture too!. They call auto-fertile agriculture. I didn�t
      have the occasion to talk to them a lot. They have learned with �milia and
      had been doing for five years now. They gave me some good tips to ensure
      diversity in my eco-system. I will talk to you about them later. I am going
      to a workshop they do this week-end. I will have the time to talk to them
      and will keep you ahead of their researches. I am very happy because we need
      concreate knowledge to help us follow our direction.

      Good bye,

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