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back again, & website comments

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  • Marika
    Dear all, back from Russia, I am happy to find you all back here at the list! The recent discussions I really appreciated. I followed them with interest, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2002
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      Dear all,

      back from Russia, I am happy to find you all back here at the list!
      The recent discussions I really appreciated. I followed them with
      interest, and with astonishment, considering the frequency and
      elaborateness of your contributions!
      Hope to share with you some of my views too, when the circumstances
      allow me... There's many things asking my attention now that I returned
      to The Netherlands and re-arrange my life.

      I found a moment to have a look at the updated website, yesterday.
      Larry, thank you for all the time and effort you devoted to it! I
      admire the progress in such a relatively short time; the contents are
      really extensive and relevant. I'll need some more time to read it in
      all detail and respond or add to it.

      When reading your contributions, there has been this thought coming to
      my mind: Who actually is "the Fukuoka_farming list"? Who are you all?
      Who is having discussions here, whom am I addressing when sending this
      Wouldn't it be a good idea to have the chance get to know each other
      better by making a page where all participants can introduce themselves?
      Where are you? In what way are your interests, philosophies, activities
      or plans related to the teachings of Fukuoka-san?
      I guess this question is quite related to several previous proposals,
      like sharing our visions and motivations, or mapping all Fukuoka-related
      initiatives around the world. I suggest we could start with a short,
      orderly overview and make it accessible from the 'project' page on the
      site, for example.
      I'll say a few words about my recent thoughts; a more complete picture
      will follow... Looking forward to your stories too.

      The conversations on this list have certainly been an incentive and
      inspiration to go back to my original goal: realising a natural forest-
      garden project. Now looking for the right place and the right people to
      co-operate with. Does anyone here know of a piece of land in The
      Netherlands or environs, waiting for a dedicated soul to let it develop
      into some very special place?

      Permaculture was the first concept I met, some five years ago, that
      seemed to be close to my views, but it misses the explicit philosophical
      basis that is underlying Fukuoka-san's ideas. It's all about attitude,

      I did meet "permaculturalists" with ideas and practices similar to the
      ideas of Fukuoka-san. So, as for me, permaculture is fully okay to be
      included in the site, though there's many faces to it...
      I'll write a short description of at least one interesting project soon.
      He's using seedballs too, by the way...

      Agroforestry too is a wide concept, interpreted in very various ways.
      Practices are not seldom very close to "regular" organic farming,
      technology-based and "nature" playing a very limited part. If you ask
      me, we should be very selective in recommending agroforestry practices
      on the Fukuoka site.

      I checked the non-english sites that our site refers to (except for
      the spanish one). They are okay; most of them dedicated specifically
      with Fukuoka and giving info similar to ours. Only the last (french)
      one differs. This is a site about different 'alternative',
      bio-eco-agriculture systems in general. There's a chapter about
      permaculture, briefly mentioning Fukuoka as one of them. Not very
      correct, if you would ask Fukuoka-san himself... They recommend his
      book, though,... Anyone else with an opinion on this?

      About the link to the "Forest garden initiative": I am not sure to what
      extent this corresponds to Fukuoka's ideas. It is based on an ecological
      forest management system called "Analog Forestry", practised in various
      projects. I don't have personal experience with it, but in web
      presentations of related projects it is explicitly stated that such
      systems are heavily dependant on intensive management. Nothing like the
      "do-nothing" principle, building up a self-regulating system. The
      concept does contain many other close-to-nature aspects though.
      Difficult to get a good impression of what is actually happening.
      If you like, I can give you the links of these other "Analog Forestry"
      Let me know if "we" think they're relevant. Truly a most difficult
      question, and very subjective...

      Love & light!
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