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Re: [fukuoka_farming] no-till has a dark side??

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  • Jason Stewart
    Easily research and have a simple researcher s guess!(1) (--these bracketed numbers signify my research reference sources) Vance Ehmke and the Ehmke s own
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 18, 2012
      Easily research and have a simple researcher's guess!(1) (--these bracketed numbers signify my research reference sources)
      Vance Ehmke and the Ehmke's own family farm:
      Please respect their whole way of life and context, conditions, circumstances... .
      And so, my unprofessional natural philosophical analysis, with all respect and kindness:
      They would make a point of saying so, if they themselves or anyone they write their 'agribusiness journalism' about were organic farmers, if they were no till farmers on their own farm, or if they were in any way different from their ideas of 'conventional' 'mainstream' USA farmers---conspicuous by its absence...---
      rather than their assuming, by omitting to say (conspicuous absence) about themselves, as 'the norm', the wannabe--controllers of the framing of information (frame/terms of reference) from which they judgementally frame ever way of farming different from their ideas, as OTHER---in simplistic dualistic opposition to themselves, as 'normal', 'conventional', 'mainstream' (industrial, commercial agribusiness, chemical) farmers.(2) The black and white world of these people.(3) Their ideas of their imagined real world in opposition to everyone else not exactly just like them, who Vance write vilification of as mental/religious/ideological/nuts.(3) The infamous GW Bush, quote, "if you're not with us you're against us" kind of pseudo-christian kind of indoctrination for kids, level of extremely simplistic world view. It's ok as an extremely simplistic appearance of reality, not actual reality, for western young kids (c. 2-4 yr old) ways of learning (eg. good guys versus bad guys) about their western societies surface ways, for a very short time in kid's early life before they learn more substantial reality of 3 dimensional physical world, the western idea of the 4th dimension of linear unidirectional time, the social (relationships) dimension of reality, the actual metaphysical spiritual dimension of reality, ... .

      Pros and cons are real, caused by the context (or pre-conditions) of each thing, not in things themselves, not in the nature or imagined essence of any things (Western false philosophy's essentialism).

      i can provide good quality literature by email, on the false philosophies (as above) of essentialism, one dimensional binary dualism and framing of information, if you request it by email.

      Crocodiles here in tropical N Oz are not bad (not good), but nature, part and parcel, but for stupid people (double meaning of stupid) they appear very bad, but very stupid people who get eaten by crocodiles here in history are as people stupid to the point of legitimately being value judged as bad people---stupid to the point of bad---bad especially for their stupid death as a great loss to their families, to society, and as very bad examples. The crocodiles aren't at all bad for eating them. To blame the crocodile is of course insane inversion of reality. The stupid person eaten by a 'smiling' crocodile only has themselves to blame and judge as bad.

      As late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei wrote: fast and slow, big and small, ... (absurdly reified into value judgements of good and bad). There are not pros and cons in everyTHING, only the context, the conditions, in which natural & protean things occur causes the appearance of either pros or cons, or a mixture of both pro and con, appearing to be in one thing, but again in fact in their context, (pre-)conditions.

      In their area of Kansas USA the majority of agribusiness ('farmers') which they are obviously part of is broad--acre, monoculture, tillage, chemical, conventional, industrial, commercial agribusiness, led by Anglophone business and university scientist men.(4)
      eg. Vance and his daughter Marit featured in a USA television commercial for Dupont,(5) which they specially got up early to see broadcast on NBC TV, one day in their diary.
      If that disappoints your wishes, i'm sorry for you. Email me and i'll send you the quickly researched links to *these people's* ideas of their real world.

      After all that above research and USA context for you in a different context there in India,
      these Ehmke people are as harmless as any of the rest of developed world consumers. I mean no personal criticism of them in my contextualisation and reframing of them above. I'm sure in their own Kansas region farming family context they are fine upstanding very friendly people at personal level, and they, especially Vance, argue for their own current way of life very vigorously. No shame in that. But to think that they have any relevance to any different context is a big phat mistake. USA Kansas region is under the great pressures of the USA kind of harsh economy to feed themselves, send their children to normal or better schools, have time off from busy USA working lives for brief holidays, have their young adults going as standard to University then getting normal USA good jobs and so on. No one can blame them for that, because the conditions there, the context there pressures them to conform to and argue vigorously for that. If they dictate to people in India or elsewhere how to live, how to think, how to frame reality, then that's a very different great blame worthy bad. They are no threat to me, nor to late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's nature farming. Leave them alone in their conditions and have kindness for them and send them information tips to edify them.

      Already made it totally clear.

      > Email me off this, if you want specific websites that are that much more serious.
      > ...

      > So, no i'm not wasting my time on the majority of conventional agriculture rubbish in the net�focus�again, focus on the direct really bad attacks (all by incompetent authors) on late Fukuoka Masanobu and on Nature Farming. Again, ask me, in email..

      Vance Ehmke is paid as a professional industrial agribusiness journalist.

      Sorry, i didn't have time enough to copyedit this message enough.

      On 19/08/2012, at 10:55 AM, Nandan Palaparambil wrote:

      > It is also not clear, if it is organic-no-till or herbicides based no-till.

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