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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Iroha Revolutionary Verses い ろは革命歌 EN+JP (a fully enjoyable publication for lea rning, different topic)

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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Dear Jason, I am interested and I shall contribute or invest, as long as a reliable way to go about it is agreed. I agree to having an Indian depository, if
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2012
      Dear Jason,
      I am interested and I shall contribute or invest, as long as a reliable way
      to go about it is agreed.
      I agree to having an Indian depository, if the Indian postal service is
      If no agreement regarding a depository is reached, I am still interested in
      acquiring a copy of those revolutionary verses.
      On a totally different note, I am willing to support the creation of a
      natural seed bank with guaranteed natural seeds, but do not volunteer to
      open it because of my isolation and complete ignorance. Maybe a seed list
      can be a start... Although natural farming uses local seeds and resources
      I would not mind having some Happy Hill rice, for example.
      Best regards

      2012/5/5 Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...>

      > **
      > Dear Fukuoka farming friends
      > 福岡正信 [Fukuoka Masanobu]
      > 2009 February 2
      > "いろは革命歌" [iroha kakumei uta]
      > "Iroha Revolutionary Verses "
      > His last testament and creation---he stated officially in writing.
      > A fully bilingual publishing, in Japanese and English.
      > Fukuoka, Masanobu's 47 hand-written classical song-verses (bilingual) with
      > drawings, in pen and ink, and stunningly good photographs;
      > One card each for the 47 syllables, arranged in the classical iroha*-order
      > of Japanese syllables;
      > Includes a bilingual Fukuoka, Masanobu biography commentary booklet by
      > Shōjaku, Mutsumi,
      > having records of all his published works, bibliography, patents, tv
      > program features and interviews, etc., and main life accomplishments,
      > together with the song verses cards;
      > (Japanese) bilingually with (English) translations - created with seven*
      > translators, editors and contributors;
      > 53p 15×10cm.
      > Posthumously self-published in 2009 Feb 2,
      > by 自然樹園 (小心舎) [Shizen Juen (Shou Shin Sha)]
      > –one of his own self-publishing-publisher-names.
      > In print
      > Available worldwide from a 'Japanese Non Profit (charity) environmental
      > organisation', based near Fukuoka Family Farms, in Ehime Prefecture,
      > and from some of his key associates.
      > ISBN 978-4-938743-03-1.
      > Notes:
      > *1 -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iroha
      > *2 not including at all Larry Korn, Chris Pearce nor '...diebrand...'.
      > Hoping you all have your own copies of this, his wonderful literary, last
      > testament, document.
      > If not, then please show so, here in this group, if you have a serious
      > interest in reading it, as the community will assist you to purchase or
      > obtain it.
      > As many of the western(-ised) people, but not all, of this our small group
      > have been doing,
      > if you all wanna operate like an ideological island, ideologically
      > isolated from collaborative group community efforts---usual ('normal')
      > western people's (hyper-)individualism,
      > then collaborative group community efforts get diminished by that isolated
      > individualism, logically.
      > For three or more years now,
      > i've been sending citations to this group about this beautifully presented
      > and wonderful publication: "Iroha Revolutionary Verses".
      > In the back of my mind, thinking that if this community replies with real
      > interest and can seriously collaborate together better than it has---get
      > away from (hyper-)individualist--ego--typical aggressive mode of thinking,
      > at odds with late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's expressed criticism of
      > aggressive western philosophy(s), and as per PermaCult's attempted
      > expropriation, attempted domination and implicit--aggressive arrogating
      > western philosophy---
      > Then make some start to group--community--centred actions, rather than
      > mere collections of individual actions.
      > Then we as a group could make a purchase a set of "Iroha Revolutionary
      > Verses" (bilingual English and Japanese),
      > delivered to a central trusted distributor. I suggest in India.
      > Then soon distribute all we purchase to all seriously interested people in
      > the world. If they can pay for it okay. If they genuinely (with evidence)
      > can't pay for it, okay too.
      > At approximately US$35-45 each including bulk delivery, it is not too much
      > to dream that this group could one day work together as a genuine Fukuoka
      > farming community (not as individualistic tangents, of PermaCult and other
      > diversions),
      > to bulk purchase one hundred copies of "Iroha Revolutionary Verses".
      > Perhaps by 50 people contributing perhaps a measly US$50--100 each, for
      > those who can afford it,
      > that approximately $4000 can purchase those one hundred copies and then
      > soon after distribute them to serious people all over the world, including
      > people in Africa, India, Tibet and perhaps China who cannot afford to buy
      > it at all, as well as one copy to each contributor.
      > It's not a big money deal.
      > But this group has continually been trolled by non serious writers who
      > have individualistic tangents of PermaCult and other cult like
      > pre-occupations.
      > Bill Mollison himself said in writing in 1978 that his proposals are
      > "immature" compared to late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's ways (PermaCult
      > fanboys: don't believe me on that---i am an honest person---i dare you to
      > ask me for a reference source for that!).
      > This same kind of immaturity (philosophically at least) has still
      > manifested itself today in more today, of what has been continuous
      > aggressive individualistic competitiveness for one-up-man-ship and
      > attention---a crass, pathetic, banal, gross waste of time.
      > i'm very happy to know from a scholar associate of late Fukuoka Masanobu
      > sensei's in Japan, that already mid last year:
      > In Greece some purchased and were selling 40 copies of "Iroha
      > Revolutionary Verses いろは革命歌" [iroha kakumei uta]".
      > In Italy some purchased and sold 100 copies of "Iroha Revolutionary Verses
      > いろは革命歌" [iroha kakumei uta]"!
      > Dear Kostas, if you catch this little curiosity of mine at the bottom of
      > this message,
      > i suppose you know about that?
      > How is it going with interest there, and learning from his last creation:
      > "Iroha Revolutionary Verses いろは革命歌" [iroha kakumei uta]"?
      > Sharing biggest best true nature with all,
      > Jason Stewart
      > --currently in Cairns, Bama country, The Wet Tropics of far north
      > Queensland.
      > --Openly accepting of (my) membership of, my part within, nature.
      > PS:
      > On another much more bright note:
      > Shikigami in Japan—much to do with Fukuoka farming—a New Zealander English
      > speaking man and his Japanese wife,
      > now has a wonderful new bilingual website, as well as their wonderful blog
      > we've been talking about previously in the group:
      > -> http://shikigami.net/
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