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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Greetings !

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  • Robin, Maya, or Napi
    Hello, Shahara, Good to hear of the Deeply Rooted Community. Best wishes for coming to an agreement with your partners to work co-creatively with your land.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 6, 2002
      Hello, Shahara,

      Good to hear of the Deeply Rooted Community. Best wishes for
      coming to an agreement with your partners to work co-creatively with
      your land.

      My local group is also fond of the stories from Perelandra. For
      years we had been sharing our copies of the books Findhorn Garden &
      Secret Life of Plants. We were surprised when we finally learned of
      Perelandra through the book Behaving as if the God in All Life
      Matters, because the nature research center is only two hours from us
      in the Virginia countryside. One of the mothers in our cooperative is
      a long-time student of Machaelle Small Wright who practices
      Perelandra, uh...what is the voo-doo?..., kinesiology, in our
      gardens. We have visited Perelandra as a school group twice. It is
      as luscious as the photos with little watering, even through this past
      protracted drought.

      The methods of Perelandra are not altogether 'do nothing', but are
      deeply respectful of observation & cooperation with the land. The
      spirit is warmly akin to Fukuoka-san, the voices differ. Deep mulch
      eliminates much labor, but there seems to be plenty of tilling.
      Although I have missed it if anyone else has submitted the Perelandra
      website to this group before, I had never done so, mainly because it
      begins commercially with the offers of books, videos, & flower
      essences for sale. If the link below works, then it takes the reader
      to the actual farm site.

      Your links to the home birthing groups cycle around with the
      Permaculture links, like a cousin to Fukuoka Natural Farming.
      Permaculture founder Holmgren also connects with Steiner education &
      homeschooling. In our 20-year-old co-op school, founded by
      homeschoolers, we greatly admire much of Waldorf, by our own nature
      are definitely more Reggio Emilia park project, & that coincidentally
      brings us spiraling back around to a different Emilia of this group,
      whose studies & video work pop up with the answers to many of our
      questions about whadidiz & wheretastart.

      As you happen into the discussion, one exciting bit of news that
      has settled in as a subject of visualizing over the winter, Ms. Emilia
      has made a preliminary note about her upcoming Fukuoka project (in
      Switzerland I believe, without checking for sure), & internship
      opportunities for 3 month to 9 month terms. For checking back to be
      sure, & for delightful study, the archives & website of this group,
      which Mr. Larry of the website has only modestly mentioned in his
      welcome to you, are an earthy place to spend spare moments if you are
      stuck inside near the computer.

      shahara9@... wrote:

      > Greetings !
      > I am Shahara, in Wisconsin, usa, momma of 5, pagan, vegan,
      > writer/poet.
      > Our intentional community is in north-central Wisconsin, called
      > Deeply Rooted.
      > It is a pagan church on about 40 acres of wild land, paid for, with
      > another
      > 80 or so in DNR trust, as part of it is protected wetlands. We have
      > one
      > smallish community center on the land, and my partner and I are
      > building a
      > Yurt (maily out of 'found' materials) and I will be living there
      > full time
      > Summer of 04, with 3 of 5 children (2 will be adults at that time).
      > We are
      > all organic, off-grid (solar and wind energy) and becoming as
      > sustainable as
      > we can.
      > Most of our garden area is quackgrass (6 foot high) and crabgrass,
      > we are
      > working on this and hope to have a big garden next year. I want to
      > work with
      > the land, others want to get rid of whats 'in their way' and tame
      > the land.
      > Its under discussion, and we are becoming more educated as to
      > alternative
      > modes of organic gardening. I've been a fan of Perelandra for many
      > years, but
      > haven't had a chance to put it to use. I've also recently heard
      > about the
      > work of Masanobu Fukuoka (last night!) and am excited to find so
      > many people
      > into healing/gardening.
      > Any questions/comments are welcome !
      > ~shahara lefay
      > shahara lefay
      > pagan priestess poet
      > vegan homeschooling homesteaders
      > radical momma of 5
      > <A HREF="http://www.gurlpages.com/shaharalefay/">TerraSoLuna*Tribe
      > LeFay</A>
      > ~faery fam-trad~
      > icq # 152784873
      > yahoo--Shahara9
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