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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Achieving sustainability in the use of green manures

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  • Larry Haftl
    At Wednesday, 06 November 2002, Justin wrote: Hi Justin, ... It s good to know that someone is... :) ... have been ... But on ... to ... could be a ... I ve
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 6, 2002
      At Wednesday, 06 November 2002, Justin wrote:

      Hi Justin,

      >Larry, I was taking a look at the website.

      It's good to know that someone is... :)

      > I checked the Links pages, and
      >was rather surprised. I was expecting to find many links - so many
      have been
      >posted on this group, so many wonderful links to wonderful things.
      But on
      >the website I found only a shor list of things, only directly relating
      >Fukuoka. The were links for seedballs, links for seeds, and links for
      >Fukuoka's books. That is all great, but don't you think that it
      could be a
      >little broader?

      I've gone back through the entire archive and extracted all of those
      links. You are right that there are a lot of good ones there. I've
      also added a bunch of possible others gathered from my surfing/searching.
      I haven't added them to the website yet because I was waiting to
      see how the people here want to see the site develop. One option
      is to keep it as closely focused on Fukuoka as possible since there
      are no other sites that do this or provide comprehensive or extensive
      info about him and his methods. It's easy to find info about other
      methods of sustainable agriculture -- any Google search turns up
      thousands of links to such sites. It's not easy to find hardcore
      detailed info on Fukuoka and his method.

      The other possibility is what you suggest. Add a bunch of links to
      other sustainable ag sites (I also have a HUGE collection of those).
      I don't mind doing that, but I'm concerned that it might dilute
      what the Fukuoka site is all about. That's where I need input from
      other list participants.

      Even though I built and maintain the site I don't think of it as
      "mine". I don't feel I have the right or freedom to do just anything
      I want to with it. Changes and direction should come from concensus
      amongst participants of this list. Maybe your questions and suggestions
      will stir some dialog about this. I would definitely welcome that.

      >I know some people feel that Fukuoka should not be mixed wth
      >other things. Well, I disagree. At least in a way. I mean, even
      he mixes.

      The more I come to understand what he is saying and doing, the more
      I come to realize just how unique his message is. All of the other
      methods (I've spent more hours than I care to think about researching
      them) are human-centered and human-dominated. They all come at it
      with the attitude of dominating and overcoming natural processes
      even while they talk of working "with" nature. Holmgren, one of the
      co-creators of the Permaculture concept, alluded to this in that
      article Robert Monie told us about.

      Having said that, I also have to add that I agree about mixing other
      methods into the process if its needed. There are parts of Permaculture,
      agroforestry and biointensive gardening that I think can be used
      very effectively in certain circumstances.

      >He gets a lot from Buddhism, and also a lot from Daoism, for example.

      I know that he weaves a lot of Buddhist philosophy through his books,
      but in that interview with Plowboy he made the point that its all
      about farming, not religion. I get the feeling that all of the mystique
      surrounding him often obscures the fact that he was, first and foremost,
      a commercial farmer. Raising food for sale was his primary occupation
      and all the rest was wrapped around and focused on that.

      >Well, that's an idea!
      >Best wishes,
      > Justin.

      Excellent comments. It will be interesting to see what others have
      to say about all of this.

      Larry Haftl
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