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Holmgren's writings

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  • Larry Haftl
    I read the two Holmgren articles Robert Monie recommended. Bob s excerpts captured the essence of Holmgren s references to Fukuoka s work, and Holmgren s chart
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002
      I read the two Holmgren articles Robert Monie recommended. Bob's
      excerpts captured the essence of Holmgren's references to Fukuoka's
      work, and Holmgren's chart comparing Natural vs. Intensive gardening
      as the two extremes of sustainable organic gardening methods was,
      to me, a very clear point-by-point comparison.

      One paragraph caught my eye and seems most applicable to this group.
      It is:

      "What is certain is that we are now in the vortex of multiple paradigm
      shifts, environmental change and social upheaval which are transforming
      our world. During such periods of history the actions of apparently
      insignificant individuals and small groups (rather than governments
      and institutions) tend to be central to the distillation of new cultural
      forms and processes appropriate to the, as yet, unclear new environment.
      In the permaculture movement, along with the faith that we are part
      of the solution, we need the strength and energy to lead by example,
      the humility to recognise our failings and the intelligence to acknowledge
      positive action from any quarter."

      Also, I sorted out the confusing URL problem.

      Holmgren's website is at: http://www.spacountry.net.au/holmgren/

      The two articles Bob mentioned are there along with 23 others in
      Holmgren's "Collected Writings" collection, and there are several
      other articles and book excerpts as well. Interesting stuff...

      The URL to the collected writings is:


      Larry Haftl
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