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Re: [fukuoka_farming] late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu - NHK image file short film

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  • Jason Stewart
    Re: previous Masanobu Fukuoka 2011 May 14 NHK film link message: It turns out today, that after posting the message, on rechecking that link, that it is a
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 10, 2011
      Re: previous Masanobu Fukuoka 2011 May 14 NHK film link message:

      It turns out today, that after posting the message, on rechecking that link,
      that it is a copyright violation, and that recently presumably NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation had it removed. Sorry i didn't recheck it again today before sending the message. No worries, a copyright violation anyway.

      Please Japanese people - help with finding access to the original film in the official NHK archive, and help with translation please! Perhaps the previous NHK film link will be found and can be made available here by link(s) to it.

      Everyone else please see the following films,
      i assume more copyright violations in these free online versions.
      i have watched the original NHK film in Japan and the DVD. Hence, i recommend purchasing this DVD or set of 3 DVDs, in standard or BluRay HD versions.

      Satoyama: Japan's Secret Garden, Natural World, NHK Japan, Nova USA and BBC with Sir David Attenborough Britain:
      -> http://www.veoh.com/watch/v2025715527pyjwge
      48 mins

      Box set of all available to purchase at:
      -> http://www.nhk-ep.com/shop/commodity_param/ctc/+/shc/0/cmc/11635AA/
      Also on Bluray.

      Satoyama: Japan's Secret Watergarden, Natural World, NHK Japan, BBC with Sir David Attenborough Britain:
      -> http://www.veoh.com/watch/v18919106krd7h4ny
      52 mins

      Also the above are available to purchase Amazon Japan and elsewhere.
      Perhaps the no one will mind the message here of links to copyright violating online copies, as they are used to preview the films, in lesser resolution online copies, as an encouragement to purchase them.
      In the context of late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu, these Japan background context traditions films are well worth paying money purchasing in DVDs in my humble opinion.

      Crucially for you, these show the Japan tradition and history, background and context, for late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu.
      Late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu advanced all beyond these classical traditions. Advanced all in deep, substantial ways, not in the superficial ways of merely adding technology to the same old traditions, as can be seen in these beautifully produced and narrated films. Advanced all in deep, substantial ways by advancing and greatly improving some deep changes to these 2000 year old Japanese traditions. As late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu writes, and as our Indian friends have related to us all previous as documented in the Vedas:
      The ancients, the Rishis, did the same much more nature--intelligent and spiritual--intelligent methods, non--plowing methods, non-chemicals methods, etc., in Japan before the period of about 2000 years, as does late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu do in his even more advanced, nature--intelligent and spiritual--intelligent, with present--day technologies and in general in other present--day terms, including his describing. Simplistically, he has advanced all of the full historical depth of all of agricultural nature--intelligence and spiritual--intelligence. Advanced not just the continuing recent classical traditions of Satoyama Japan. Advanced not just the ancients, the Rishis, thousands of years of depth of nature and spiritual intelligence. Advanced not just the modern conventional industrial and chemical and tilling, killing agriculture. Advanced all, documented in evidence from him, in books, scientific journal papers, films, photos, poems, paintings and more. And i haven't even started on the relation of late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu with first Australians ancient and deeply, highly advanced farming ways.

      They are BBC Sir David Attenborough narrating in English.
      Produced by NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation with help from Nova USA and from BBC with Sir David Attenborough of course of so many nature documentaries fame.

      Of Japan's Secret Garden, for American summary information and transcript see:
      -> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/2716satoyama.html
      Satoyama: Japan's Secret Garden (Film).
      Bilingual English and Japanese HD feature documentary.
      Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
      (NHK, Japan and Nova, PBS, USA) [and BBC, Britain].

      Please let me know if you want more explanation and copyediting of my above writing, written without much copyediting sorry (not enough time and money for everything, here in my nature farm).

      'best true nature' with all,

      Mr. Jason Stewart.

      On 11/12/2011, at 10:52 AM, Jason Stewart wrote:

      > NHK TV 2011 May 14 (in Japanese),
      > is available at:
      > -> http://video.fc2.com/en/content/201107067ZFsVCDB/
      > Program description in Japanese with the start of my translations (in square brackets)---so far:
      > "
      > NHK 映像ファイル [NHK image file] 
      > あの人に会いたい 福岡正信(自然農法家)[wanting to meet with him Fukuoka Masanobu (nature farming –ist)]
      >  放送日:2011年5月14日 チャンネル:デジタル総合 [Digital Synthesis]

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