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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Philippines

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  • Jason Stewart
    Dear Ruthie, Are you the Sherlock Holmes of natural farming ? i m trying, sometimes obviously in vain with no expressions of interest, to disseminate
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 9, 2011
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      Dear Ruthie,

      Are you the "Sherlock Holmes of natural farming"? <smile>
      i'm trying, sometimes obviously in vain with no expressions of interest, to disseminate the most appropriate and beneficial 'stuff'.

      Late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu shares photographs of and writes that, he went back to Philippines in 1998, ten years later (after the 1988 Ramon Magsaysay award).

      Mrs. Aveliw, a brief quotation from the very limited edition English translation:
      ... the natural farm of Miss MS. Aveliw, a woman working for the Magsaysay Foundation in the Philippines. She read my book, did research for ten years, and completed the farm in four years. She has truly created a paradise, where beneath an assortment of fruit trees such as banana, papaya, guava, and durian. there is a dense growth of coffee trees and green manure, orchids are blooming in profusion, and fish are swimming in ponds.

      Please, Ruthie, it would help if you can dig and/or enquire further, to clarify the correct spelling of the name of : "Mrs. Aveliw", Philippines, lady of man who amounted to the right--hand--man of President Aquino, around 1998 (i suppose). I guess the Ramon Magsaysay foundation would help with an enquiry from you, if you can't dig it up online. (i wish i had time to do everything but i don't of course.)

      In the previous email, the photograph caption i quoted and translated the Japanese from, is under the heading for his *1998* Philippines visit.
      So, as long as there's no error in that book page, i presume there's no error,
      then the President Aquino he means may, may be the Aquino of or near that 1998 time.
      It's funny, but in that books *1988* Philippines visit section the photographs of late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu and his wife Ayako, look very similar to the 1998 photos, hence i wonder if any publisher--copyeditor errors crept in, i presume no errors!

      Just in case of any confusion, the original 1992 Japanese edition was not a limited edition, only the very limited English translation printing, not published edition, less than 100 copies total was a very limited edition.
      The very limited English translation printing, is only the text translated, none of the diagrams, and none of the photographs, at all included; Intended as a translation only, for together with the original Japanese full book (1992) version---as if like an English translation appendix.

      So Ruthie, for late sensei Fukuoka Masanobu's more than 950 photographs, many diagrams, calligraphy and paintings, reproductions, and his Japanese original text,

      you would i think love and should obtain this publicly available book: ...,
      from the publisher here, via Amazon Japan or other suitable (Japanese) retailer, or ordering via a Japanese bookshop or big bookshop, there in France:

      -> http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/detail/isbn/978-4-393-74151-1/

      2010 [2001] (Japanese)
      わら一本の革命 総括編 —粘土団子の旅—
      (transliteration of the above Japanese:) wara ippon no kakumei sōkatsuhen —nendo dango no tabi—
      (literal translation of the above Japanese:) [Straw: One--Strand's Revolution: Recapitulation ---Clay seed--pellet's journey [around Earth]---])
      Originally in 2001 May, self-published by him, in the name: 自然樹園 (小心舎) (Shizen Juen (Shou Shin Sha)) –one of his own self-publishing-publisher-names
      More than 950 captioned photographs from his travels all around Earth and his farm, many reproduced drawings and diagrams, and a full book of text pages also
      271p A4 30x21cm (?out of print? (--i presume so))
      ISBN 978-4-938743-02-4
      Re-published in 2010 April by Shunjūsha (春秋社) (major Japanese publisher)
      272p A4
      in print
      ISBN 978-4-393-74151-1
      → http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/detail/isbn/978-4-393-74151-1/

      See also these Shunjusha pages of his additional Japanese books:
      Searching Fukuoka Masanobu: → http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/search_result.php?keyword=%CA%A1%B2%AC%C0%B5%BF%AE&page=1
      Writer page for Fukuoka Masanobu: → http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/writer/26453/
      Series page for his books (as a series): → http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/series/24/
      Home page: → http://www.shunjusha.co.jp/

      Thanks, i know all about the Wikipedia page, and the contents of it, and the sources of that contents, ... . The page needs a helluva lot of work on the accuracy of its contents meanings---dodgy-pedia strikes again (an idiomatic English joke).

      'best true nature' with all,

      Jason Stewartさん

      On 09/12/2011, at 11:03 PM, Ruthie Aquino wrote:

      > Hi Jason,
      > I would be more than willing to be of any assistance to spread
      > Fukuoka-san's thoughts.
      > Firstly if you have the English translation of that limited edition would
      > it be possible to share a scanned copy?
      > Secondly Fukuoka-san was given the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1988 in the
      > Philippines.
      > Wikipedia lists the recipients of the award and if you click on Masanobu
      > Fukuoka there is a longish entry on him there. There are Indians there,
      > too.
      > Thirdly the name you mention may be mispelled, would it be Abelio, Avelio,
      > Abreu, Aurelio...? I cannot find any correspondence. There were two
      > Philippine presidents named Aquino, first the mother and the present one is
      > the son. Which one are we talking about in your query, I suppose the first
      > one? I need more clues, Sherlock Holmes of natural farming.
      > best
      > RUTHIE
      > 2011/12/9 Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...>
      > > [all snipped for ease of reading, refer to original message]

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