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  • Jason Stewart
    Moderator please! ... quotation from: - http://www.facebook.com/sylvain.picker?sk=wall nough said! Full stop!!! ... [Non-text portions of this message have
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 14, 2011
      Moderator please!

      > Sylvain Picker commented on Virgin.com.
      > I think wooden tools are a big entrepreneurial opportunity to create a lot of very small to quite big businesses in the field of forest gardening, kitchen stuff , etc.

      quotation from: -> http://www.facebook.com/sylvain.picker?sk=wall

      'nough said!
      Full stop!!!

      On 14/11/2011, at 8:19 AM, sylvain.picker wrote:

      > Seeds, Pellets & Compost Planters ProjectThe goal of this project is to
      > design low-cost portable all-terrain planters and other small tools to
      > use around our houses, in gardens, farms and forests for global natural
      > restoration of our ecosystem. We need to revitalise the Gardens and
      > Forests small-tools manufacturing sector by having as many as possible
      > innovative low-cost designs that can be builds by peoples and small
      > shops anywhere in the world. Like the Rollers Crimpers and long handled
      > home made scythes used in India by small Organic Farmers, or the Coa
      > stick of the Amazonian peoples still in use today after millenniums.
      > Just by rediscovering the ancient designs of our ancestors and making a
      > few new ones is a way to help the emergence of an array of small
      > businesses making affordable Ecological Restoration Tools.I have made
      > three promising prototypes: one "Farm & Forest Seeds, Pellets & Compost
      > Planter" and two Cobra Headed "Forest & Landscaping Seeds & Pellet
      > Planters". All are light and fun to use. The "Farm & Forest Planter"
      > model is surprisingly fast when you consider that the operating
      > principle is to plant several seeds at once, which can optionally be
      > mixed with compost and spores of mushrooms and clay or other minerals or
      > medicinal herbs. It makes it easy to precisely plant well over 10000
      > seeds per day and fertilise them at the same time.The seed range you
      > plant is the same as when using Seedballs: from mushrooms to trees. You
      > can plant pretty much anything with this simple seed planter that is a
      > little like a giant cloth funnel with a winged metal tip and a wood
      > handle. We have ordered a steel prototype of the "Farm & Forest Planter"
      > model to be made at a local machine-shop in Waterville Quebec Canada.
      > The "Forest & Landscaping Planter" Cobra model is being completed here
      > in Montreal Canada.We are eager to make large scale testing and are
      > actively looking for sponsors and peoples that would like to share
      > information about farm and forestry small tools. Ogfor is the Organic
      > Grower Forestry Forum <http://www.ogfor.com>
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