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[Fwd: Appreciation for Historic Falls of the James Scenic River Advisory Board]

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  • Robin, Maya, or Napi
    Thank you for your good wishes! This celebration is off-topic, except that the greenway park is our equivalent of the family farm, where Fukuoka s do nothing
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002
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      Thank you for your good wishes!
      This celebration is off-topic, except that the greenway park is our
      equivalent of the family farm, where Fukuoka's 'do nothing' seeds & weeds
      make a pleasing wild border atop a berm of recycled roughly chipped
      trees. Everyone in authority here has not seen the beauty to be observed
      in this year's Roman chamomile gradually becoming shiso, rosemary
      becoming woody, cosmos overtaken by fennel, now covered by green & yellow
      caterpillars that will become swallowtail butterflies. Will any seeds
      next spring make it through the crabgrass that has upholstered the
      original chip berm? (Crabgrass, another name for Virginia.)
      We practice our patience, to see what next year's berm will sprout.
      If our village, our children, had to survive on this study in
      happenstance, how long could we afford to practice this patience? How
      cleverly would we prepare chamomile, shiso, rosemary & fennel into
      delicious recipes? Our children love chamomile tea parties, shiso plum
      sauce, rosemary roasted potatoes, onions, & carrots, & our toothpaste is
      fennel; but we have not made the toothpaste, the vegetables come from the
      cooperative truck order, the only plum tree here is up to my chin, & the
      tea party came from tea bags. How soon could we learn to do these things
      ourselves, while we must learn to do nothing? Harvest assessment,
      winter project, spring surprise.
      We are afraid of the symbiotic relationship with invisible bacteria,
      with mold & dirt, with processes that happen underground. We are afraid
      that nothing will happen underground the way it is suppose to in order to
      be a carrot. We are amazed that the ignorant potato knows so much more
      than we do how to behave.
      For the garden itself, in the park, City Council will decide on
      Monday, the 14th. Our collected endorsements, like the one below that we
      got today (!) make an impressive list. However, we have seen rows of
      eminent environmentalists ignored at Council here, where the 200 year old
      blue collar neighborhood & park is in the way of Ethyl Corporation's

      "Robin, Maya, or Napi" wrote:

      > Dear Dr. Hambrick:
      > Please convey thanks to the members of the Historic Falls of the
      > James Scenic River Advisory Board, for your favorable consideration of
      > City Council resolution 2002-271, to purchase the 'missing link' of
      > the greenway through Oregon Hill Park. The Board knows full well the
      > recreational, civic & cultural benefits of greenways. You know the
      > significance to our environmental future of fostering the
      > psychological, emotional, & habitual connection to the river, by
      > coming generations of VCU students, residents & visitors to the city.
      > The purchase of this parcel, & the completion of the greenway, will
      > bring to Richmond the benefits of even greater citizen appreciation of
      > the scenic James River. Thank you for your work to take care of the
      > river, and for your vote today for the greenway.
      > Peace,
      > Napi Ippolito,

      > Greater Richmond Environmental Action Trust (G.R.E.A.T.)

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