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Re: translation- शुभा प्रभा त कुदरती फार्म नी लेश्वर केरला

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  • Sumant Joshi
    Shubha Prabhat Natural Farm at Nileshwar, Kerala (a state in south India)I am very happy today because I had an opportunity to visit the natural farm owned by
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2011
      Shubha Prabhat Natural Farm at Nileshwar, Kerala (a state in south India)I am very happy today because I had an opportunity to visit the natural farm owned by Shubha and Prabhat. This is a 2 acre farm in the green valleys at Nileshwar in Kerala. They purchased it a few years ago and developed it into a natural farm. I met Prabhat about 20 years back when he left his home and studies in search of truth. After taking part in the one India campaign he found out about natural farming and that was the reason we met. He has always been a nature lover and we decided to start natural farming together. He stayed with me for many months. While I slept late in the morning, he would get up early and go for a 2 km long swim in a river nearby. In those days natural farming was in the news and a lot of foreigners used to come visiting me which was a source of new knowledge on a regular basis. That is how he found out about massage as a way of natural treatment. I
      wanted him to take up natural farming but that was not to be since he did not own any land then. Soon he became an expert in the massage technique.I feel that natural ways of illness treatment and natural farming are based on the same principles. After that he started his practice in Mumbai where he got excellent results. He started making money out of it too. In his opinion, his stay at my farm helped him a lot in his new career. Many people who are getting connected with natural farming also share this view. We make the mistake of trusting science more than nature. Tecahing in schools today is taking us away from nature. (my note- curriculums in schools today are focussing only on making kids into mere cogs in the industrial machine).Though everything was going on satisfactorily, Prabhat wasn't happy. He therefore bought this 2 acre piece of land (which already had a well) at Nileshwar which also happens to be his wife's native place. It had many
      fruit trees with cashewnut trees being predominant.The land is full of laterite which is very popular as a building material in Kerala. When I saw the laterite, I realised that if someone kept on with natural farming here, soon the stone would be converted into rich soil and rice could be planted here. I reached their place after a long trip and fell ill. But these people are real natural practitioners and soon had me on my feet, thanks to the natural remedies served up Shubha and her mother.Shubha and Prabhat have been practicing natural ways of treatment due to which they are in great demand in Mumbai. Big cities are good for making lots of money but human relations and values are declining rapidly. That is why when these two offer their natural methods of teatment, people tend to get well very soon. The main reason for this is because they spend time with their patients with love and patience which none of the patient's family members are able to
      give.This type of treatment is not available even in big and expensive hospitals. Most people mistakenly think that they have lots of money and that is enough for treating them anywhere.Natural systems of treatment and farming are similar as far as the 'do nothing' technique goes.Large cities and their artificial environment has given rise to new diseases which become worse with chemical medicines whereas natural treatment cures people. Polluted food, air and water are giving rise to diseases like cancer.Shubha and Prabhat treatment their patients with so much love and caring that half their problems are solved right away. In a place like Mumbai, where travel is so difficult, their 'home delivery' treatment is becoming very popular. That is the reason why people are coming to them to learn about their method from all over the world. They have been organising training camps in many places.There is no doubt that their natural farm at Nileshwar will soon
      become world famous. My journey to their place taught me a lot of new things. I am nowadays concentrating on the natural system of treatment. We all have a lot to learn from this couple and I too am planning to start a training center at my farm.
      Warm regards,
      Raju TitusHoshangabad.
      My apologies for the late translation. I was away on holiday in Kerala with my family.
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      Warm regards,

      Sumant Joshi
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      Subject: शुभा प्रभात कुदरती फार्म नीलेश्वर केरला (sumant.jo@...)
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      I've shared शुभा प्रभात कुदरती फार्म नीलेश्वर केरला

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      शुभा प्रभात कुदरती फार्म नीलेश्वर केरला

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