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  • Jim Bones
    Hi Folks, The last I heard Masanobu Fukuoka is recalling all of his books from the world. He intends to publish one more book basically about seed balls. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2001
      Hi Folks,

      The last I heard Masanobu Fukuoka is recalling all of his books from the
      world. He intends to publish one more book basically about seed balls.
      The last book I saw by him in English is called "The Ultimatum of GOD
      NATURE The One-Straw Revolution A RECAPITULATION" with a date of
      December, 1992. The main theme is that Nature is God incarnate as the
      world. There is apparently an Indian pirate version of the original
      "One-Straw Revolution" that is copied and distributed without M.
      Fukuoka's participation or approval.

      Scattering seeds, watching, learning, but mostly just doing without
      thinking too much and learning from the facts illuminated by nature are
      all parts of the indescribable whole.

      The principal feature of Natural Farming is that, unlike all other forms
      of "sustainable agriculture" which only promise wildlands may be
      preserved due to the land "potentially saved", wild nature is included
      as an integral and essential element, so preservation of biological
      diversity is inherent. If we survive we may end up living in edible
      landscapes of amazing diversity, but there will likely not be many of
      us. Seasonal nomadic migration and hunting and gathering may turn out
      once again to be the most efficient way of making a living.

      Soon the whole earth will be managed or affected by management. Without
      new semi-wild transitional landscapes, only the toughest weeds will
      thrive. Everywhere is a potential garden for native plants as well as
      food. Seed balls are only a technique that expresses a philosophy.
      That and the not that must both be observed. Life is a tough illusion.
      It will be just fine. We, however, may make a large scale exit, say on
      the order of from 6 billion down to 2 billion in one short lifetime.

      At the heart of all "environmental problems" and political causes seems
      to be exploding population growth. Until that is addressed openly and
      women everywhere are educated and emancipated and, by the way, taught to
      be self sufficient with Natural Farming, all other talk and attempts at
      ecological rehabilitation are only expressions of psychological denial
      at the absolutely overwhelming Big Issue. So Many People. No matter
      what the local gains, all are continually eroded by growing population.

      Remember though, it really is ok, all of it. And Nature is busy even
      now making the necessary subtle adjustments. Natural selection works
      best when populations are large and all possible niches are occupied.
      Harvest is such a lovely time, when the winnowing begins. It has
      happened often, yet everything we see results from the few who survived
      before and went on to diversify again. Dancing figures go on changing,
      visible only against a changeless ground. Whatever we think, it is
      certainly more than that. Just scattering seed is sometimes enough.

      The only contact information I have for Masanobu Fukuoka is as follows:

      Masanobu Fukuoka 201-2 Ohira, Iyo-Shi Ehime, Japan 799-31 Fax:


      Jim Bones

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