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Re: [fukuoka_farming] everygreen agriculture boosts crop yields

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  • Jason Stewart
    Thanks John..., many varieties of Acacias grow indigenous in many places in Africa (many Botanical name: _Acacia_ genus species and many related genera
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      Thanks John...,

      many varieties of 'Acacias' grow indigenous in many places in Africa (many
      Botanical name: _Acacia_ genus species and many related genera species).

      Around the world the common name acacia has been applied to botanically defined
      species of many different types of plant (from many different botanical genera),
      having led often to confusions.

      Distribution (as recorded at 2004):
      Africa (144 species),
      Asia (89 species),
      the Americas (about 185 species),
      Australia – Pacific region (993 species).
      source: World-wide Wattle
      -> http://www.worldwidewattle.com/infogallery/distribution.php

      Acacia species (in that botanically named genus) are very familiar to many
      Australians as Wattles. Our Nation's floral emblem is the beaut' Golden Wattle
      In this continent there are recorded 1000 or so distinct species of the _Acacia_
      Various species grow naturally in most parts of Australia. They are just as
      familiar as are our 600+ Eucalyptus species in Oz.

      Acacias are typical trees of African savannas. Mr. Fukuoka sensei photograph
      numerous of them or their relatives in his journeys in Africa, as in his
      -many online eg. photos
      -> http://www.westafricanplants.senckenberg.de/root/index.php?page_id=13&preview=true&searchTextMenue=Acacia&search=Wikitemplate

      Some general knowledge quick links:
      -> http://www.eol.org/pages/13650
      -> http://www.anbg.gov.au/acacia/
      -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia

      International Legume Database & Information Service
      -> http://www.ildis.org/
      Last but not least i just at last had a look at the International Legume
      Database. This could get great use by those here re-seeding ecosystems into
      areas of man-made deserts. Useful!

      As i already said, with so many to choose from, Great Spirit God's best choices
      make the best choices for us IMHO. In the northern hemisphere where there may
      not occur Wattles naturally, there are of course many many types of nitrogen
      fixing legumes naturally, eg. lovely Lupins, which i'd like northern hemishpere
      nature farmers to get in to and to tell us all more about.

      Best wishes,

      S.E. Oz.

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      saw this article, thought people might be interested:


      john b.

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