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Most Productive Food Systems on Planet!

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  • Living Mandala
    Dear Friends, Have you heard the buzz about Aquaponics? Aquaponics combines Aquaculture with Hydroponics creating one of the most sustainable and productive
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      Have you heard the buzz about Aquaponics?

      Aquaponics combines Aquaculture with Hydroponics creating one of the
      most sustainable and productive food systems on the planet.

      Living Mandala & NorCal Aquaponics are announcing a cutting-edge,
      comprehansive Aquaponics & Permaculture Training on new systems of
      food production for a future of shifting climates and environment
      stress at a beautiful Ecovillage Resort setting in tropical paradise
      this winter.

      Aquaponics & Permaculture: 10 Day Intensive in Eco-Paradise
      December 6 � 15, 2010
      Finca las Nubes, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

      This training is one of a few, longest, and most comprehensive
      Aquaponics Trainings available in the world.

      At a time of global climate change, depletion of resources, pollution
      of water, huge losses of top soil worldwide, and other threats to the
      future of our food supply, there has never been a more important time
      to learn about Aquaponics. The green market potential for Aquaponics
      is huge and growing fast! Get in on the solutionary action early by
      attending this training to learn everything you need to know to build
      your own Aquaponics System, Farm, or Green Business.

      This is a rare opportunity to learn from an operational Permaculture
      inspired Aquaponics system with the addition of tropical Permaculture
      at an amazing setting in paradise at ridiculously affordable rates.
      It�s an opportunity not to be missed!

      Luxury accommodations in single or shared rooms on-site at Finca Las
      Nubes are available for only an additional $15 per night!

      Early Bird Pricing Ends November 5th so register soon!

      More info below.

      -The Living Mandala Team

      Aquaponics and Permaculture:
      A 10 Day Intensive in Eco-Paradise

      December 6 � 15, 2010

      Finca las Nubes, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

      For More Information Click Here

      Permaculture & Aquaponics Course Highlights:

      * The Most Productive & Sustainable Food System on the Planet!
      * Grow 10 Times the Plants, Twice as Fast, With Half the Work!
      * Learn Detailed Aquaponics Skills & Secrets to Start Your Own Farm,
      Project, or Business.
      * Learn Permaculture Skills, Organic Farming & More in this Beautiful
      Eco-Village Setting
      * Enjoy Eco-Resort Style Luxury Accommodations with Oceans Views,
      Beaches, Jungle Hikes, Wildlife, Horseback Adventures and Much More

      Course Description

      This bilingual Aquaponics and Permaculture 10-day intensive December
      includes 10 days of outdoor classroom instruction, and hands-on
      experience at the Aquaponics mini-farm located at the beautiful
      Ecovillage Resort of Finca Las Nubes. Students will learn about
      Aquaponics, Permaculture, experience luxurious eco-village living, and
      much more from experienced trainers & professionals sharing their
      knowledge and experience in Aquaponics, Permaculture, land
      restoration, tropical food forest, social justice and self
      sufficiency. You will learn the skills needed to design and create
      sustainable Aquaponics systems and Aquaculture farms that integrate
      Permaculture principals through out. All this while, we will be
      staying in an amazing Eco-village Resort with gorgeous luxury
      accommodations, permaculture gardens, views of the ocean, amazing
      wildlife, monkeys, nearby beaches, horseback riding, hiking and much

      This 10 day intensive also includes:
      A detailed 100 page Course Manual covering all aspects of Aquaponics:
      Day-to-day operation of the system
      Design checklists
      Field tested formulas, calculations, estimates and guidelines.
      Complete designs, plans and materials lists.
      NorCal Aquaponics Systems step-by-step construction manual with
      variations and site specific applications intended to make it easy for
      anyone to build an Aquaponics system.
      A set of detailed construction plans, including site plans, and piping
      Ecovillage Resort style luxury accommodations, permaculture gardens,
      views of the ocean, amazing wildlife, monkeys, and much more.

      What is Aquaponics?

      Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming
      systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to
      create a truly self-sufficient closed loop system that uses only a
      fraction of the water, labor, energy, etc. that other methods use.
      Combining Permaculture Design with Aquaponics creates an even more
      sustainable, dynamic, productive & regenerative system. In this
      intensive training you will learn some of the most cutting edge
      pioneering aquaponics systems and gain a solid foundation from which
      to create your own Aquaponics System, Farm & thriving Green Business.

      Aquaponics Facts
      Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than conventional farming does
      Aquaponics is energy efficient: It requires up to 1/3 of the energy
      other farming systems use.
      Aquaponics can have up to 8 to 10 times more vegetable production in
      the same amount of time and area than conventional gardens or farms.
      Labor can be reduced as much as 40%, while useful byproducts are
      created that can be used to farm other crops, trees, soil, water, and
      A permaculture inspired system produces all of the systems needs
      (water, energy, fish feed, heat, etc.) on-site
      Products of the system include: solar electricity, heat, fish, prawns,
      vegetables, aquatic plants, algae, snails, worms, fertilizer, even
      methane gas.

      Permaculture & Aquaponics

      Permaculture and Aquaponics focuses truly sustainable closed-loop
      systems are created that provide all the needs for the system with in
      the system itself. Max Meyer's focus is on aquapionics systems that
      that produce virtually all of the system�s needs (water, energy, fish,
      feed, heat, gas, etc.) onsite! Products of the Meyers systems include;
      Solar electricity, solar heated air, solar heated water, fish, prawns,
      vegetables, fruit, aquatic plants, algae, minnows, snails, worms, dry
      and liquid fertilizers, even methane gas!


      Max Meyers, John Valenzuela, and plus additional facilitators &
      special guests TBA

      Special Discount

      Regular tuition for this course is $1500. We are offering a special
      time sensitive discount of $999 to conscious inviduals &
      organizations. To recieve this promotional discount, enter promotional
      code: Aquaponics2010

      To Register for the Promotional Discount Click Here.

      Cross-Pollinator Affiliate Program

      Help us spread the word about this important course and green business
      opportunity; and in turn, we will help to support your work in the
      world by offerring $125 (or credit towards acourse) for each person
      who signs up and pays for a class through your customized affiliate
      link. To participate, click the link below.

      CLICK HERE - Commercial Aquaponics Course
      $125 per referral

      For questions & more information about the Cross-Pollinator Affiliate
      Ambassador Program email:

      Thank you for helping to strengthen our network and further empower
      regenerative educational initiatives on the planet.

      More Information

      e-mail: aquaponics@...
      phone: (707) 634-1461
      website: www.LivingMandala.com

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