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Invitation to a talk by Prof. Prabhakaran Nair

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  • Gayathri V
    Invitation to a Talk on   Paid Science, Corporate Science and the Politics of Genetically Manipulated Crops by   Prof. K.P. Prabhakaranan Nair   Thursday
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2010
      Invitation to a Talk on
      Paid Science, Corporate Science
      and the Politics of Genetically Manipulated Crops
      Prof. K.P. Prabhakaranan Nair
      Thursday 7th October, 2010 at 4.30 P.M
      Venue:Institution of Agricultural Technologists (IAT),
      No. 15, Miller’s Tank Bed, Queens Road, Bangalore - 560 001.
      Ever since the moratorium on commercial release of Bt Brinjal was imposed by
      Ministry of Environment and Forest on bio-safety and environmental grounds there
      has been concerted effort to undermine the democratic decision and to silence
      all critique and dissenting voices.
      The strategies have been many. The scientist lobby is working overtime to prove
      that the ban will retard future research in GMOs. They were appalled by the
      decision taken by listening to all and sundry and question the very process thus
      exhibiting a clear fascist tendency.
      The attempt to introduce the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Of India Bill
      (BRAI) by Ministry of Science and Technology, which wants to curb the dissenting
      voices against GMOs/GE needs to be read in the above context.
      The recent Inter-Academy report on GMOs, which literally lifts information from
      industry sponsored study, goes to show the deep infiltration of private
      corporate interest in our public institutions. It is scandalous how the famous
      scientists can bring out such a callous report which goes to show their utter
      disregard and concern for issues affecting life and livelihood of sixty percent
      of our working population.
      Prof. Prabhakaranan Nairwill speak on these developments and how corporate
      science is detrimental to the very sovereignty of this country. Prof. Nair
      argues that the world of GMOs is less of science and more of Pollution, Politics
      and Power.
      Prof. Prabhakaranan Nairhas been consistently and tirelessly writing on many
      issues impacting our agriculture, both technical and general articles on ongoing
      corporatization of our agriculture, increasing food insecurity, Monsanto, Bt
      Brinjal, Bio-tech industry, drought, Green Revolution etc. in his columns in
      Indian Express and Business Line.
      Prof. Prabhakaranan Nairis a distinguished Soil Scientist and has three decades
      of teaching, research and developmental experiences in Europe, Africa and Asia. 
      He has held many prestigious positions like National Chair of Science
      Foundation. The Royal Society, Belgium and is distinguished visiting Scientist,
      Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

      Prof. Nairis well known for his contribution in developing “The Nutrient Buffer
      Power concept” and is recipient of several national and international awards. 
      Author of five books, Prof. Nair has been invited four times to contribute
      chapters to “Advances in Agronomy”, the magnum opus of agricultural science. He
      has recently complied an e-book on “The Agronomy and Economy of Important Tree
      Crops of the developing World”, the first of its kind.
      Do participate and inform your friends and colleagues and spread the word
       Join the campaign ‘Salt Then, Seed Now’
      Organized by South Against Genetic Engineering(SAGE)in association with
      ICRA, Green Foundation, Svaraj, OFAI-K, Bhoomi Net work, Era Organics, Pristine
      Organic and Samvada.
      For further information contact:
      ICRA-25213104, Green Foundation-26784509, Era Organics-41606004
      ICRA, No. 22, Michael Palya, New Tippasandra Post, Bangalore- 560075

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