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  • Michael Meredith
    DOG Posted by: Pamela Melcher dancingcedar@yahoo.com dancingcedar Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:33 am (PDT) I need help protecting my plants from the
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      Posted by: "Pamela Melcher" dancingcedar@... dancingcedar
      Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:33 am (PDT)

      I need help protecting my plants from the neighbor's chickens.

      They are hurting front yard plants where a fence would not look good.

      There are some long neglected rhododendrons that need help now. I am watering
      and mulching and cutting back ivy.

      My next door neighbor has 3 chickens who roam loose around the neighborhood.

      They are making a mess of our garden.
      * *
      Now that it is dry, they zero in on the watered area around the rhodies,
      digging holes about 4 inches deep directly next to the trunk, thus
      harming the feeder roots.

      They disturb the mulch anywhere I put it, on any plants. They are uprooting
      chickweed and other plants and trampling plants.
      My neighbors may never do anything to restrain the chickens. We
      just moved here about a month ago and I do not have a sense of the neighborhood

      dynamics. I want to live in harmony with my neighbors.

      I have put a pallet on one side of the rhody and some heavy stones
      on the other side of the trunk, with mulch underneath all of them.

      I want to plant many new plants, and am discouraged by the behavior
      of these chickens who appear ready to mess up new plantings and many of my
      plans for this space.

      They do not peck where I have mulched with blackberry canes that I
      cut back.

      Do you know of ways to repel chickens from digging near the plants?

      Are the chickens valuable in a home garden in some way?

      I live in Portland, Oregon where it is legal to keep 3 chickens. I
      will find out the laws - surely it is not OK for chickens to wreck their
      neighbors plants.

      We have a large yard in a quarter of an acre lot.

      My plan is to develop a permaculture design and create a space for
      people to learn about permaculture and wild edible plants.

      Thanks a lot for any suggestions that you have.

      Happiness, Health, Peace and Abundance for All!

      Many Blessings,
      Pamela Melcher
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