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Fw: upland rice

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  • Luke Powell
    John (fukuoka_farming), I am growing upland rice between my coffee in Zambia, AfricĂ . I used this year s harvest to propogate the 50kg seed that I had (NERICA
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      John (fukuoka_farming),

      I am growing upland rice between my coffee in Zambia, AfricĂ . I used this year's harvest to propogate the 50kg seed that I had (NERICA 4 - I believe Zambia's own propagated variety).

      As I live in Zambia, this I am sure is not much help to you, unless you come with your family on a safari/beach holiday to Zambia (Thorntreesafaris are the best - my sister's.!! ha ha ha) and each of you take back 20kg seed as your baggage allowance. Should you go on safari with my sister, I'll give you as much seed as you can carry back of the plane for free, for your effort to come and collect it here. ha ha ha

      I got a low yield as the rice was planted between the coffee, so the rice grew in soil that was not yet balanced (with respect to Ca, Mg, P, K, Na. . . . ). You need a balanced soil to achieve healthy crops yielding healthy food (join Brixtalk to learn more about how balancing the soil will help your cops resist pest and desease pressures, producing healthy food for a healthy body). Balancing the soil DEFINATLEY works to keep my coffee unpalatable to the pests and deseases (this is my first year of ZERO pesticides or fungicides in over 50% of my coffee).

      Brixtalkers, can anyone shed some light on what I'm always questioning - the fact that, taking the soil CEC into account, different weed species (wondering dew, nutsedge, couch grass, pigweed, foxtail. . . ) like different soil conditions and nutrients, HOW COME the same ratios of Ca:P, Ca:Mg, P:K . . . . seem to apply for ALL ??? edible crops (not forrage of course).

      Surely an orange tree will require a different set of nutrient ratios to a coffee tree which will be different to what is required for rice and another set of ratios for groundnuts and potatoes. . . . ??? Is there a data base out there that might have information regarding what the different ratios are, that are required by the different plant species.?

      Sabrina (Starcarrot),
      I'd like to hear more about your CGIAR seed propagation experiences if you have time to email me privately, thanks.

      Ibo (in Namibia) are you still a lurker of brixtalk - I sent you a private email re RTBI, have you changed your email address.? Mine is luke@... if you have the time to drop me a line re the RTBI

      Many thanks,

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