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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: upland rice

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  • Sabrina Ooi
    Brian, please forgive me if my tone on the IRRI rice seed was rather harsh. It would appear that either i am in the wrong forum or you actually do not know
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 13, 2010
      Brian, please forgive me if my tone on the IRRI rice seed was rather harsh.

      It would appear that either i am in the wrong forum or you actually do not know anything about IRRI.

      I had stumbled upon the CGIAR group when i went to work with the WorldFishCenter formerly ICLARM thinking that i was working with an organisation which had the the support of governments of the world plus respectable sounding organisations etc -- all with the noble mission of protection and conservation of the aquatic system, sustainable development, helping the poor, sustaining livelihoods of fisherfolks, ensuring there is protein for all etc... what i uncovered changed my outlook altogether.

      Of course it is all far from the truth. It is all just a front for their real intention. The 16 centers are responsible for the development and promotion of genetically modified foods, and a long list of patents -- the real goal of course is to make money from the monopoly of food systems. They call themselves FutureHarvest Centers -- each work on a particular food source -- rice, potato, forest, fish etc. They infiltrate local systems, suck up indigenous know how, patent them wherever, which ever way possible. And, vomit out -- this time, seeds and "technology" for poor farmers... sterile patented seeds!!!

      Their modus operandi should be quite obvious don't you think? IRRI keep your seeds!

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      Hi, believe me, no one, no one at least no one from this group should want to take a single free seed from IRRI. They are one of the 16 CGIAR sister organisations which are manipulating our food system. IRRI works on the GMO and patenting of rice varieties. The other 15 organisations? You can google cgiar -- there one can read about all their saving the world mission, feeding the poor, conservation, protection, sustainable development crap.

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      From: bpelleri <pellerinb@nsac. ca>
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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Re: upland rice

      Hi John,

      I am told the IRRI will supply some seed free of charge. Try contacting them and they could help. When you succeed, do tell us where you found it, etc!

      In the Lord's service,

      --- In fukuoka_farming@ yahoogroups. com, "john" <whitaker.j. alan@...> wrote:
      > I want to try my hand at some upland rice. I'm in NE TX, USA and do not have access to a lot of water at this time. So I need to grow dryland. But I would like to source some rice seed that has been grown this way. Does anyone have a source that I can order some seed from? Just a few pounds to start with.
      > Thank You,
      > J. Alan Whitaker
      > Deport, TX

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