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A permaculture based idea

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  • Sudhiranjan M
    Dear friends and green life lovers, Upset by climate change, global warming, increasing pollution levels , degradation of nature and similar issues ? This is
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      Dear friends and green life lovers,
      Upset by climate change, global warming, increasing pollution levels , degradation of nature and similar issues ?

      This is an invitation to all DREAMERS of eco friendly living
      Creative Action for Rural Development (CARD) have developed an imagination, conceived an idea, rearing a dream about community farming for long time, which is integration of the followings Bio fuel power generation, Captive solar power for the daily utility, permaculture based organic cultivation of food and commercial crops, Processing of organic produce and marketing, Export marketing to get the advantage of revenue (depending on agricultural production), Resort type facility for members and commercial advantage, a retirement eco village for all,especially elderly and senior members .And many more ecologically friendly activities.
      To brief with,
      We , Group of leaders, will form an association, mobilize the fund, buy the land and implement .

      How do we intend to work
      It is like a Co operative society
      Each member will have to invest in the form of share,
      Minimum can be one and maximum can be rest of the available,
      We will have board of managing committee, elected or unanimously,
      Members will meet every month to decide the future course of activities, as well as to inspect the development,

      Why community farming
      Though every one may have the dream to own the land, cultivate and enjoy the same. But may not be possible, because of
      their involvement in other profession,
      or the lack of investment,
      or lack of time,
      or lack of knowledge
      or even the will power to handle the demands of farming activities ( So many cite the reason, of man power management or agree that, it is impossible for them to manage the work force)

      How can we address these disadvantages
      Again, it is like in co operative,
      Being a society, our resources like, finance, knowledge, management will get exchanged for mutual benefit

      Advantages of community farming V/S common farming
      As, the whole activities are managed by passionate professionals, there will not be any reason to failure, except of natural calamities.

      Workers management
      It is unfortunate that most of the farm workers are forced to migrate to towns and city, in search of bread (forget butter), since agriculture or farming do not provide them employment throughout the year. the wages what they get is meagre and not sufficient to lead decent life.
      A few specialized workers will be employed throughout the year , since we can also engage them in other agriculture related or oriented activities.

      Most of the individual farmers are not benefited, even if there is good demand and price, because of unorganized and lack of storing facility.
      We will be in the position to bargain for more, because of the quality and the quantity we produce,
      We will also have the choice of time to sell our produce, because of the storing capacity.

      Common farms will have to sell their produce at market price as raw commodity.
      We can process and make it reach the end user (There is very good scope of financial gain in food processing industry )

      Benefits of community farming for the investor
      It will be care free ownership.
      Constraints of manpower and time keeping is almost nil.
      Lack of Finance and knowledge is eliminated.
      Sure and continuous income/ dividend.
      Satisfaction, joy, happiness ( only you can imagine the true value).

      Our proposal is to buy some of about 100 -500 acres of land (possibly in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu)and integrate the allied agricultural business activities.where in it will consist of ,
      01. Cultivation of Long term crops like all fruit bearing & timber trees
      02. Cultivation of short term crops like vegetables and spices
      03. Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants
      04. Milk dairy farm with cows and buffaloes
      05. Honey bee rearing
      06. Installation of solar power units for irrigation and lighting to some extent
      07. Food processing Industries, for value addition
      08. Oil extraction industry, for value addition
      09 Medicinal oil extraction unit, for value addition
      10. Cold and ordinary storage facility, to enhance the shelf life
      11. Production of fertilizers and pesticides,(Only organic, and vermiculture)within the premises
      12. Tissue culture plant for own use and commercial
      13.Guest house, alternative health centre & other facilities respectively for the farm members and commercial

      Role of CARD

      CARD experts have sufficient knowledge, experience in cultivating, and capabilities to manage the above said group of activities, along with team of masters

      Salient Features of the Project

      1. A co-operative society/Association of growers will be formed under the supervision and control of a registered society `Creative Action for Rural Development' (CARD).
      2. Pay Rs. 100000/- to the society in cash /cheque/draft. As soon as you deposit money, the society will register one acre (one unit) of the land in your name. This amount may vary, ranging from 100000/- to 150000/-, depending upon the condition of the land unit to be allotted.
      3. One can get the land booked by paying Rs.25000/- to the society, and the remaining amount has to be deposited with in two months. .
      4. All the original papers related to registry of land will be with you only. You will legally authorize the cooperative to cultivate your land for 20 years.
      8. The total income from your land will be distributed as follows
      - Co-operative society members as per shareholding 50 %
      - Reserve 50 %
      9. After 20 years, there will be a well-developed permaculture forest garden on your land.
      10. The co-operative society will try to get grant for its
      development and planting from National Horticulture Board
      or National Medicinal Plant Board.
      11. We will start giving you agricultural income from December 31, 2011.
      12. All the working will be done by court-agreement only.
      13. You are free to come at any time and enjoy or have picnics on your own land
      14. Organic and permaculture will be used to develop the farm latest modern techniques will be used for irrigation and fertilization.
      15. The cooperative society will do large scale farming for aromatic, medicinal plants, vegetable crops and plantation crops.
      16. The society will develop Guest-house, health centre & other facilities respectively in the farm.
      17. The society will try to tie up with some National or International institution for the farming.
      18. The society will develop a nursery in 10 to 30 acres of land which will be well equipped with modern facilities and techniques.
      19. The society will work for the development of high quality seeds, tubers and other planting material of various crops.
      20. The priority will be given to provide maximum profit to the share holders by the society.
      21. The administrative members of the society will be elected by the share holders of the society.
      22. In case, reserve cash exceeds, it will be distributed among the share-holders of the society.
      23. There are many experts in alternative technologies and development, organic agriculture ,wasteland development, permaculture and in the society.

      - Registry of land against cash by you will be free of cost
      - The cost of farming, administration, irrigation will be minimum because of large scale farming
      - Cost on seeds and planting material will be minimum
      - Marketing will be easy because of large scale production.

      We require energetic and enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life, including permaculture activists, organic farmers, NGOs involved in rural development, WWOOF volunteers to be growth leaders to finalise and give shape to the above ideas, identification of the property (which may be degraded land or wasteland also), for investing, as well as participation in the action plan for the project.

      Please contact :
      Sudhiranjan Mandal

      PS Though some tracts of land in Karnataka have been identified, cost is relatively high due to proximity to the town, and easy access. Please identify some large unutilized/sparsely cultivated areas in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu and inform us. More choices of land at a cheaper rate will be welcome.

      PPS. Please spread the word to all interested people and groups, so that we can all get together, harness our combined efforts and knowledge, and DO IT.
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