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  • Frank McAvinchey
    There is a product at a website that I used to have a connection to, that is basically just a polymer made from vegetable sources, that one can spray on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2009
      There is a product at a website that I used to have a connection to, that is
      basically just a polymer made from vegetable sources, that one can spray on
      the sides of an excavation to create a tank, or pond, for water storage. I
      believe the site is www.ucsofa.com. It has nothing to do with sofas, but
      instead there are numerous different products available there. The main
      emphasis of the site is a pending, pending, pending magnetic generator for
      the generation of electricity. Dennis Lee is the ringleader of that
      particular circus, United Community Services of America. He MAY end up
      coming out with a valid way to make electricity, but needs other ways to
      generate income in the mean time, instead of speculation alone. The polymer
      product is a good thing, as are some of the other things he hawks, but my
      suggestion is, don't get pulled into the generator scheme, yet. Whether you
      are or aren't offended by the overt, albeit odd, Christian content of the
      site really shouldn't matter. Take it or leave it, it's your deal. But the
      variety of products that have obvious applications is the point.

      I am thinking that a farmer could dig/drill deep holes in the ground,
      perhaps numerous ones if they are drilled, and then coat the walls with
      this polymer, let them fill up, and have huge quantities of water for use in
      agriculture. I would suggest using them for the raising of tilapia, or
      other fish, and, if they are wells, drilled, cover them with some sort of
      metal grill, to keep unsuspecting kids from taking and unexpected dip. The
      fish would create water with life in it, and thus fertilizer. It seems to
      me that you could sink a number of shafts like that, fairly close together,
      lower a spray wand down, coating the sides with polymer, till they were able
      to stand on their own. Perhaps have them 5 feet away from one another, but
      put them in in a gridded pattern, with the tops covered with a metal grill,
      countersunk below the level of say, agriculture, and still be able to plant
      crops all across the entire area.

      Any thoughts my friends?

      Frank McAvinchey

      On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Rev. Kyosan T. F. Katthagen <
      kyosan@...> wrote:

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      > Michael Meredith wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Kyosal,
      > >
      > > How do you know it will not work in dry areas?
      > >
      > > Wont water harvesting at least extend his season?
      > >
      > > Michael
      > >
      > > Oh yes, Michael, Terra Preta is a nice idea - if there is a possibility
      > > to create it by time AND there is enough water. Without water Terra
      > > Preta will not do anything to stone-hard clay ground, I guess. Ancient
      > > people in Amazon region have not been in lack of water. They built up a
      > > system of channels throughout there farming land. They had a nearby
      > > source of water: the Amazonian River. But there is no Amazonian River in
      > > Portugal, as I know. Even ideas like Water Harvesting will not work best
      > > in a country where, as Dieter wrote, last rain was in March. One would
      > > be in need of more land to collect and store water as a normal farmer
      > > owns.
      > >
      > > Kyosan
      > >
      > Dear Michael,
      > I hope we do not missunderstand each other too much. I am not against
      > Water Harvesting - it �s a wonderful idea what everyone should practise
      > however and whereever. Off course it would extend Dieter�s potential for
      > longer time than without, but (I don�t know why there is always a *but*,
      > we have to take it as it is and live and work with it . ;-) ) in a long
      > dry season, like in Portugal, one would be in need of so much water,
      > that the owned land maybe would not be big enough. Everywhere collecting
      > pots, troughs, smaller or bigger lakes... whatever. And the agriculture
      > land will not grow, not just for a good idea. I would like to have it
      > work in a better way...
      > As well, Terra Preta is a very nice, very good and by ancient people
      > long time proofed tool. I will never say nothing against it. I myself
      > are in process of creating Terra Preta. But (Oh Lord! Another "but),
      > I�am living in a region with periodic rain. My rain harvesting this year
      > was absolutely more than succesfull! Thousands of liters in storage and
      > only a very few times in need to use. End of month September, when the
      > first cold and frosty nights came up, I had to let the water from the
      > storages go the nearby creek. Otherwise it would have blast my storage
      > containers.
      > The origin of Terra Preta is different from the climatic situation at my
      > or at Dieter�s location. Dieter�s location is, hmh, let me say: poor. My
      > location tends more too the rich. Off course different to the location
      > where Terra Preta was found. In Amazonian region there is coldness,
      > there are no frosty season like german winter. I am a german livingi
      > Southwest of Germany - latitude of Strassbourg/France. In wintertime
      > soil microbes in my region go to a kind of "sleep", like hedgehogs do.
      > Pr�cess of Terra Preta will also got to have a winter rest, start again
      > in spring time, depending on how long frosty climatic soil situation
      > will be. It is different from year to year, sometimes from October to
      > May, sometimes November to April - every changing possible. Absolutely
      > NOT the same like in Portugal or whereever in the world.
      > Water is the key for any process of life on this planet. Still our
      > common question is and will be: How to get enough.
      > You know what I mean?
      > In respect, Kyosan

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