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9819Re: colorado beetle

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  • Jacek Markowski
    Jul 10, 2009
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      Hello dear friends.
      Report from colorado beetle battle.
      I tried the chilli mix spray, and wormwood spray(localy recomended). Didn't seem to make great impression on the beetles.
      Reasons - at that stage they were quite numurous, and probably very hungry. Didnt care about taste I guess, enjoying spicy and bitter meal !

      The losses in some cases were significant. Couple of the plants were 90% eaten so we dig out the potatoes, and there was enough for a meal for two :).

      We thought we needed sth more drastic, so we picked them up twice with the intetion of making colorado beetle shake, which we didnt make yet. The traditional Polish techinque ;) helped quite a lot !!! HAlleluya !!

      Then I sow a lovely picture, for the first time. One cute bug was sucking out the colorado beetle larve by a little "straw" he poked in it.
      Nature keeps the balance??

      So thanks all for help.
      I will keep informed from the front
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