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9602Re: [fukuoka_farming] Free manual Extensive Organic Beekeeping Inspired as taught by Masanobu Fukuoka

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  • Dieter Brand
    May 7, 2009
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      Welcome! I will download your manual when I go to town; from home my
      Internet is too slow.

      I have a question here right for you. There is a bee swarm that has
      been hovering over our land for a couple of days. They are obviously
      looking for a new place to settle. I guess it will be too late now to
      go and buy a beehive, but I wonder about the next time, how can I make
      them settle in my beehive? I have seen local farmers standing below a
      swarm throwing a bundle of cloth at it to make them come down and
      settle. I never saw that it actually worked though.

      Is this the right way of doing it? Or is there a better way (perhaps
      involving color, sound, smells, etc.)? Is it safe to do or do I risk
      being stung by numerous bees?

      Dieter Brand
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