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941A few facts about mycorrhizals

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  • Robert Monie
    Sep 4, 2002
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      A Few Mycorrhizal Facts

      "Little things run the world," says Dr. Mike Amaranthus, who has written over 50 studies on mycorrhizal fungi. The mycorrhizal fungi are so small that "several miles" of them can fit into a thimble. They contribute to plant growth and development in 4 major ways:

      1) They absorb and deliver all 15 major macro and micro nutrients necessary for plant growth.

      2) They increase water uptake and storage, especially beneficial for plants in periods of drought.

      3) They improve soil structure by producing humic compounds that make the soil coherent and porous.

      4) They suppress disease and plant pathogens by excreting specific antibodies.

      Plants like cabbage that are known to be "heavy feeders" may guzzle so many nutrients from the soil because their species is not able to make use of mycorrhizal fungi.

      For more of these enlightening comments and photos from Dr. Amaranthus (a fitting name for a plant scientist), see http://www.mycorrhizae.com/home.html .

      Bob Monie

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