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  • drey_lim
    Mar 1, 2009
      Hello to all,

      Let me introduced myself, my name is Andry Lim and I came from Davao
      City Philippines. Our farming technique refers to the Korean natural
      farming using indigenous microorganism and enzymes this we applied and
      adopted for the production of farmstead produced farm inputs to plants
      and animals. We find it appropriate to teach the technology to
      Filipino farmers and can be duplicated by small scale farmers to
      medium scale production units and it has proven very effective. It's
      concept is integrated to livestock and aquaculture. We teach farmer to
      plant leguminous trees (fodder) as food for pigs, goats, chicken and
      fish to sustain one single farm operation.
      My intention in joining the group is to learn more about fukuoka
      technology from the expert within the group and if given a chance,
      exchanged and share the same passion for natural farming our practice,
      success story in the Philippines by Filipino farmers who embraces the
      technology of zero chemical and zero tillage and it’s love for nature.
      Our earth is screaming for help!

      Andry K Lim
      Davao City Philippines
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