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9049Re: Wood chips as mulch

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  • grannis04
    Feb 25, 2009
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      --David and all,
      There is a good overview of using chipped wood for
      fertility in the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
      newspaper. Go to http://www.
      mofga.org/Publications/MaineOrganicFarmerGardener/Spring 2007/
      Redefining Soil Fertility
      Hope this helps and there are other great articles in mofga's
      archives. This is the oldest organic association in the States.

      I have used hardwood chips from processing firewood. Ive
      grown crops for two years on a wood chip mulched bed as an experiment.
      Original soil was never tilled. Mulch was 2 inches of chips then
      lightly covered with chicken litter. Gourds the first year, cucumbers
      the second year. Very successful.

      The Forest is for-rest, Steve G.

      In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, david.keltie@... wrote:
      > An electricity supply company have been clearing overhead supply lines
      > locally so I now have a very large mound of wood/leaf shreddings
      > available.
      > Shreddings appear to mainly composed of cypress (x Cupressocyparis
      > leylandii). Anything to be wary of in using the shreddings as a mulch
      > in a vegetable/fruit garden? (I usually use straw - I wonder about
      > them raising the acidity of the soil excessively.)
      > Thanks, David
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