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8935Contact Barak Obama about creating Fukuoka Farms!!

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  • Pat D
    Feb 10, 2009
      I've written two letters today, one of them including the Plowboy interview (http://fukuokafarmingol.info/faplow.html). We all should send letters or contact Mr. Obama in your own way and tell him we need fukuoka farms on a LARGE scale in the US.

      From the plowboy interview:
      "It would be very
      difficult for single farmers or families to get started by themselves. Natural
      agriculture requires a great deal of work in the beginning - until the land is
      brought back into balance � and you can't do it alone unless you have a lot of
      time to devote to the effort.

      The change might be brought about more
      easily on a village or small-town level, but I really think the best way to
      start this "one-straw revolution", as I call it, is on a large scale...
      through some sort of cooperative effort. The government, the agricultural
      co-ops, the farmers, the consumers � in other words, everyone � must
      decide that this is the direction in which our society should go. And, of
      course, if we don't get that kind of cooperation, the possibility of bringing
      about significant change in our farming methods is remote."

      Have a nice day.



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