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  • Larry Haftl
    Feb 7, 2009
      Hello all,

      With so much energy and support, upgrading the website is going to be very

      I “revisited” the website this morning page by page and was amazed at the
      amount of information on it. I’d forgotten how much time and effort was
      invested in it. Makes it more understandable why the website has remained so
      popular even though it has not been updated in so long. There is useful
      information there that is not available anywhere else on the web and other
      information that is very hard to find elsewhere. All of it seems useful to
      anyone interested in natural farming.

      I can handle the structural revisions and upgrades to the website. It’s one
      of the things I do for a living. Where I can use help is in three areas:

      Translating some of the original material into other languages.
      Gathering information that should be included/posted on the
      Brainstorming, input and feedback on how the website structure
      and features should be revised/added.

      On translating, I think it is fantastic that we can get articles written in
      English translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French (thank you
      Thomas), Cebuano (thank you Jean), and Hindi (thank you Raju). Also, it
      would be useful to get articles written in non-English translated to English
      (we have a few of those on the website already). Language should not be a
      barrier to communicating useful information on how to sustainably produce
      nourishing food.

      I can easily set up the ability for users accessing the website to choose
      which language they want to read the information in. What we need is

      No matter how the website gets revised, the following documents will always
      form the foundation and should be translated as soon as possible:

      An introduction to Masanobu Fukuoka
      Overview of Fukuoka Farming
      The philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka
      The Synergistic Agriculture of Emilia Hazelip
      The Fundamental Reality that Underlies Fukuoka's Principles

      The Synergistic Garden

      Interpreting Masanobu Fukuoka's Writings
      The Living Soil

      Translating all of that is a daunting task, but the sooner we get it done
      the sooner we can set up the language sections and make all of that
      information available to non-English readers. I suggest if you want to do
      the translating then download each of the pages and begin to do so. Let me
      know what you are working on so that we don’t have more than one person
      doing a translation into the same language.

      So that we don’t clutter this mailing list with somewhat off-topic
      conversation about the translating, let’s use direct email for now and later
      I’ll set up a mailing list at the website just for the translators. You can
      email me at: webmasterATfukuokafarmingolDOTinfo. I spelled that out to avoid
      having that email address picked up by spiders and sold to spammers. I
      suggest all of you do that whenever you are putting your email addresses in
      public forums such as this one.

      On gathering information, if there is anything any of you think should be
      included in or posted on the website you can send information to me via this
      mailing list or directly to the email address I just gave you. You can also
      send requests for information you would like to have gathered and posted on
      the website and I’ll see what I can do.

      On brainstorming, any and all ideas and suggestions on what should be
      included or revised on the website are most welcome. You can send them to me
      directly at the webmaster email address or you can post it on this mailing
      list. Posting it here might be the better choice as it might inspire others
      to comment on or add to the ideas. Also, it would give visibility about what
      is going on with the website to everyone on this list and I think that is

      This is really getting exciting. It feels good to be back.

      http://fukuokafarmingol.info <http://fukuokafarmingol.info/>

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