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8892RE: [fukuoka_farming] Re: outreach

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  • Larry Haftl
    Feb 6, 2009
      Hello Steve,

      I'm thinking of doing some guerilla gardening this coming spring. I live
      across the road from a very large prairie conservation area. They do a
      controlled burn on it each spring. I'm thinking of spreading some seedballs
      around before the burn to see what happens. Also thinking of doing some
      planting in the nearby forest preserve. Should be fun and gives me an excuse
      to mess about with seedballs again.

      I visited that website as was struck by how commercial it seemed. I don't
      have anything against some commercialism to help pay the website bills, I'm
      just leery of sites that offer no content unless you give them your email
      address to get access. Since there is no privacy policy offered who knows
      how many spam lists your email ends up on.

      Fukuoka definitely influenced a LOT of people including the original
      developers of permaculture. I remember reading something about Fukuoka not
      being happy about permaculture, but some people have found value in
      permaculture practices. Personally, I find successful adaptations of
      Fukuoka's methods to be interesting. Emila Hazelip's efforts to build on
      Fukuoka's methods to develop a commercially successful market garden is
      certainly something that others can learn from.

      I think the value of the website is to provide an online source of
      information on his methods that is as accurate as possible, but also to look
      at adaptations and variations that have enabled people to grow food in a
      more sustainable and healthy way. This includes information on advances in
      the science of soil biology that support the concept of natural farming.


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