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  • grannis04
    Feb 6, 2009

      Larry, Thank you for your response and for your efforts in regards to
      the Fukuoka web-site.
      Hope you can find some land to enjoy. There is another resource
      for NF and that is farmingsecrets.com. I found this on u-tube and
      there is also many videos of people demonstrating NF methods.
      Permaculture has also incorporated much of Fukuoka's methods and there
      is a lot of overlap of knowledge. The ideas and science behind
      soil biology is an exploding field knowledge that continues to
      validate NF.
      Good Luck, Steve

      -- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Haftl" <lawrence@...> wrote:
      > Hello Thomas, Steve and everyone else,
      > I'm Larry Haftl, the creator and owner of the Fukuoka Farming website.
      > The website was created when I was living in Oregon and trying to
      > natural farming on a 1-acre home site. That ended a few years ago when
      > circumstances brought me back to the Chicago area with no place to
      > farm/garden. I left the website up but didn't have the time or
      motivation to
      > update it. Last month I got a notice that it was time to renew the
      > registration. I thought that by now there would be at least one or more
      > websites dealing with natural farming that were better and more
      popular than
      > mine. After doing some research I've found that such is not the
      case. I also
      > found out that, as Steve pointed out, interest in Fukuoka's methods has
      > grown significantly but Internet support for that interest has not
      > The Fukuoka Farming website is still one of the most popular in this
      > even though it has not been updated for several years.
      > What seems to be missing from both the website and the Internet is a
      > communications hub for the community of people interested in using,
      or at
      > least understanding Fukuoka's methods to grow food in a more
      sustainable and
      > enriching way. This Yahoo forum is certainly useful, but it is also
      > The website was built to be an information resource rather than an
      > communications hub. It can, however, be modified to do just that.
      Given the
      > persistent access to the website and the comments here in this forum, it
      > seems worthwhile to do that.
      > I've renewed the domain registration and am redesigning the website
      to be a
      > much more effective hub for active communication and
      community-building for
      > people interested in doing and using natural farming. The foundation
      > always be the philosophy and methods of Masanobu Fukuoka, but I
      believe the
      > scope of the website should be expanded to include information on
      > and applying that foundation so that more people can adapt and
      > his methods in their practices and projects.
      > If any of you have suggestions or features and functions you think
      would be
      > useful in the revised website I would welcome hearing from you either
      > through this forum or through the website.
      > Thomas, I just got your email. You have several good ideas that I think
      > would be worth incorporating in the revised website. I can do all the
      > website's technical stuff. It's what I do as a living and a profession.
      > Getting information and translating it into other languages is where
      I can
      > use help. The Google language translation function currently being used
      > leaves a LOT to be desired. Also, information about a lot of natural
      > activities and gatherings is rarely visible on the Internet. Having
      a place
      > where people can easily post that information will definitely be a
      part of
      > the revision. Thank you for your interest and offer.
      > To show you how out of touch with natural farming I'd gotten, I
      didn't learn
      > of Masanobu Fukuoka's death until earlier this week. I've been TOTALLY
      > immersed in the world of machining and manufacturing for the last three
      > years.
      > Larry Haftl
      > http://fukuokafarmingol.info
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