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8128Re: Copyleft and Fukuoka's books

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  • vruiz.jurado
    Nov 8 6:47 PM
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      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "laurie \(Mother Mastiff\)"
      <mother@...> wrote:
      > I admire Radiohead for their grand experiment. The fact that it was a
      > long awaited album helped them, also the fact that it was better than
      > some of their other offerings. I noticed that the reports of how much
      > people paid and how many people paid varied widely.

      yes, but also the spending power of people in the world varies widely ;)

      > They offered material THEY owned, and let the people choose. Lovely
      > if you can afford such a gesture.

      More and more groups are using this model:
      is a good form to skip intermediaries and to share their work widely.

      > Most people won't pay any more than they must, to acquire anything
      > they want or need.
      > Did Fukuoka have family or heirs? He died very recently. Perhaps his
      > estate is still being sorted out.
      > It would make sense to identify and approach whoever inherited the
      > rights to his books, and ask THEM about offering the books in
      > electronic form, on the basis you admire. If they admired his values
      > and share them, who knows, they might agree.
      > If he had no heirs and left the rights to the publisher, I suspect you
      > would have a more difficult time persuading them of the value of
      > allowing buyers to choose the price.

      Thanks for the suggestions. This is a topic we have to think about it
      when publishing our works in other areas (different than music) like
      NF, Permaculture or ecology in general.

      Some samples: Graham Bumet has a book (the Permaculture a begginer's
      guide) with this kind of license:
      Plants for a future website:
      and some publications like the Spanish "El Ecologista":

      We must spread widely our ideas and principles to fight against bad
      environmental practices.

      Off course you/they can publish your/their NF works with privative
      copyrights, but for me this means less people doing seed bombing :) a
      slower process and we don't have too much time.


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