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8127Re: Copyleft and Fukuoka's books

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  • laurie (Mother Mastiff)
    Nov 8, 2008
      I admire Radiohead for their grand experiment. The fact that it was a
      long awaited album helped them, also the fact that it was better than
      some of their other offerings. I noticed that the reports of how much
      people paid and how many people paid varied widely.

      They offered material THEY owned, and let the people choose. Lovely
      if you can afford such a gesture.

      Most people won't pay any more than they must, to acquire anything
      they want or need.

      Did Fukuoka have family or heirs? He died very recently. Perhaps his
      estate is still being sorted out.

      It would make sense to identify and approach whoever inherited the
      rights to his books, and ask THEM about offering the books in
      electronic form, on the basis you admire. If they admired his values
      and share them, who knows, they might agree.

      If he had no heirs and left the rights to the publisher, I suspect you
      would have a more difficult time persuading them of the value of
      allowing buyers to choose the price.

      laurie (Mother Mastiff)
      Southeastern USA (NC and FL)

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