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8092Re:OT: My list of Yahoo Groups -ICK

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  • Sara Mandal-Joy
    Oct 14, 2008
      In case you don't know, grouply is a nasty nasty thing. They take in
      too much information when you sign up, including your - PASSWORD. They
      use this to access all your addresses, and all addresses of anyone on
      groups you belong to. They archive all posts not just that you write,
      but all posts from all your groups, no matter who wrote them. They
      harvest addresses and use them not only to spread grouply, sending out
      invitations from your address, often without your permission or
      knowledge. They also send other spam to all these addresses. This is a
      pernicious thing. I am removing myself from any list/group that allows its
      members to belong to grouply. Many groups - most that I participate on
      - are simply unsubbing anyone
      who signs up to grouply. I would encourage this policy here. If it is
      not done here, I'll need to unsub myself. I don't want my address being
      harvested by grouply. If you doubt what I'm saying, just do a
      websearch on grouply and you'll get the scoop on this nasty stuff - its
      all there in the fineprint when you sign up, but who actually reads all
      the fineprint? Anyways, hoping grouply members will unsub from grouply,
      and that this list will adopt a no-grouply members policy. Thanks, Sara
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