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7927Re: [fukuoka_farming] Red Clay for Seed balls

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  • Benjamin Koltai
    Sep 1 11:38 AM
      Stan Helton wrote:
      > The clay in my backyard doesn't come in powder form ;-)
      Mine neither. The clay also isn't in just one area or layer. Whenever
      I dig in the yard, I come across pieces of clay, some as large as my
      fist. However, I don't want to just start digging random holes in my
      yard trying to collect enough clay to use for seed balls. It seems that
      buying a clay would be a lot simpler, since it comes from someone's
      large unearthed deposit. I figured to buy red clay since it has the
      extra mineral nutrient. Does anyone know good ways to extract clay from
      my yard without having to dig a random giant holes?

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