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  • Linda Shewan
    Jun 16 6:49 PM
      Hi Antonino,

      Not doing 'REAL' fukuoka farming here except in a very small area up in my
      back yard beyond the semi-conventional vege patch and a bit randomly in our
      school food forest. Threw lots of broad beans, rocket, lettuces, fenugreek,
      clover, chicory etc down in autumn this year (hand broadcast - not
      seedballs) but only a percentage of broad beans have germinated - the rest
      may come in spring or may not. Mostly I am just trying to get anything to
      grow at the moment to get the biomass up in the area and improve the soil
      which is hard clay ... not a lot of luck so far to be honest but lots of
      weeds are germinating where they didn't before so I think the soil is
      improving somewhat! Last summer I criss-crossed the area with pear tree
      prunings and they are sprouting so require more management ...

      I am not aware of any real trials in Oz... but the often never arriving
      rains (in spring or any other time) makes growing from seedballs or hand
      broadcasting far more difficult I think. I think you either need to build up
      your soil over time, or rapidy with a lasagne type garden (heavy mulch) so
      that seeds can fall down in the straw where they will stay moist and be able
      to germinate that way. Of course tiny seeds will fall too far that way - but
      it is what I plan on trying this year.

      I am not much of a documentor though so don't expect major test results from

      Cheers, Linda

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      Hi Linda! No worries!!!!! Everyone does that... Ha ha ha...

      Wish to know more about what is happening in OZ with mr Fukuoka system
      of natural farming!

      Are there trials or have they been?

      I'm interested how his methods applies to our local conditions that I
      believe are very different from where he lives...

      Ciao and thanks!!! :)

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