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7589Re: White Clover Seeds

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  • cywgcyyc2005
    May 28, 2008
      I just spread the seeds in among the clover, stir the leaves to make
      sure the seeds get under the foliage and let them grow. I find root
      vegetables such as radish and beets do well, but other legumes like
      peas and beans are not always as successful. I also like tomatoes,
      squash and cucumbers, but I transplant these into the garden as we
      don't have enough frost free days to grow these from seed in the garden.
      I don't really have space to grow grains, although a test plot might be
      worth a try I'm not an expert. I only do what works for me in my small
      available land space, but based upon my successes, I plan to ask the
      city for some unused and unwanted land so I can see if this will work
      on a larger scale. Good luck.
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