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  • cywgcyyc2005
    May 21, 2008
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      I think Fukuoka would suggest that you don't get bogged down in such
      details. White dutch clover is a good cover because it covers the
      ground quickly, adds nitrogen, and yet does not interefere with
      cereal crops and vegetables as they climb above it. I suggest you see
      what works well in your area by experimenting and have fun with it. I
      use the clover in my garden. I am not a hardcore gardener, but a
      practical one. The continuous cover with a scattering of vegetable
      seeds in the spring produce a fantastic garden. Also, it keeps the
      dirt out of my pool. I am continuously amazed with what can be done
      in nature when you don't interefere, but gently guide your goals.
      Good luck
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "i.gencay" <i.gencay@...>
      > I'd like to use clover seeds as a cover crop. Fukuoka mentions
      white clover seeds.
      > I am searching for ORGANIC white clover seeds and it seems hard to
      > Is there a particular reason why Fukuoka uses white clover seeds?
      Which variety did he use?
      > Dutch White Clover?
      > I am a beginner in farming/gardening. Or can I use any type of
      clover seeds. My preference
      > would be ORGANIC, but white is hard to get, while red is easier to
      get in organic.
      > Any help would be appreciated. Also I am in Southern California and
      if someone knows of
      > any supply stores that would be great.
      > Also which Daikon Raddish variety is Fukuoka using? The white long
      root type of raddish?
      > Thank you.
      > Ibo
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