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755Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Cattle

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  • Wendy
    Jul 4, 2002
      Hi all,
      I just need to briefly interject one point. While yes I agree there are too
      many people in the world, a bigger problem is overconsumption by the few in
      the so-called developed world, many of whom actually believe all this stuff
      is what they need and are used to, and our push to have the rest of the
      world desire and also be dependant on lots of our junk vs. meeting basic
      needs naturally and locally without destruction and disrespect.

      It is an important note, because it actually places blame and belittles the
      rest of the world and is usually us white folks or other from the "developed
      world" who focus it that way. Meanwhile we consume 40% of the world's
      resources and cause major environmental destruction, depletion, etc. etc.
      Someone told me that every one American born is equivalent to 10 individuals
      in terms of consumption, etc. I believe it.

      I find it important daily to question that which us privileged and spoiled
      believe to be reality in terms of needs, actions, thoughts, etc.

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