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741Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Cattle

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  • jbmc@attglobal.net
    Jul 3, 2002
      Ms.Carol wrote:

      > None of us, jb, has the absolute truth about nutrition. You go by
      > what makes sense to you and what works for your body, and I do
      > likewise. When it comes to what people should eat, neither scientists
      > nor gurus can agree.

      * * * * * * *

      Well, Ms. Carol, if Mr. Fukuoka's core message is - as
      i do understand it - surrendering to Nature, then we better get smart
      and willing enough to find out and accept the* terms* of surrendering.
      Failing to do so, all this "natural" this and that is simply a shameful,
      useless excercise of hypocrisy.

      > Dr. Price's book consists mostly of observations.

      You said it!: "observations", not "experimentations.
      On what solid ground did He reach His conclusions?

      Best regards,

      "Foliar Vegetarianism": "the" pathway back to "Pure Fruitarianism"
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