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  • Jeff
    Feb 29, 2008
      > Hi Iris and Ibo,
      > What kind of copyright agreement do you have?
      > You know that theft of intellectual property is no different from
      stealing somebody's property.
      > While the _restricted_ distribution of out of print texts free of
      charge > may in some cases be viewed mildly. Selling somebody
      else's (author, translator or publisher) property is straightforward
      besides since Fukuoka is out of print, ......

      Wow, I'm shocked.

      Intellectual property theft is NOTHING like actual theft.
      In fact what we view as intellectual property has been blown way out
      of proportion to the original concept.
      (see "FREE CULTURE" by Lawrence Lessig)

      The important part of any scientific community is the open exchange of
      ideas and the ability of those ideas to be OPENLY tested.

      Originally the copyright was for 17 years.. because of RCA and Disney
      corporations, art and science are being smothered to feed corporate
      coffers.. the current copywrite extends for more than 100 years. this
      is rediculous. THen we have estates getting involved and even further
      in hibiting the transfer of these things.

      The world will never be changed by something that costs money.

      THis is my primary problem with keyline and permaculture...
      What do you mean I can't USE a word. that's stupidity. language is
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