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710Re: [fukuoka_farming] greetings and possibly a book for Ray, and Jenny to find,

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  • Xavier Dequaire
    Jun 30, 2002
      pokachinni wrote:

      > Greetings, and welcome, Ray, and Jenny. After reading your post
      > describing your situation in NZ, I was immediately brought to the
      > attention of one of the books that I am reading at this time. In a
      > previous post I mentioned a book to the group, but I had not really
      > seen it yet, and so I was just passing it on as a possibility. I now
      > own, and am reading Holistic Management by Alan Savory. I first
      > heard of this book through a friend in Montana named Thomas Elpel.
      > Thomas' two most favourite books are Holistic Management, and One
      > Straw Revolution. That, in and of itself, should be enough incentive
      > for anybody to check out Thomas' site www.hollotop.com.

      the right address is www.hollowtop.com

      > On the site, ......--

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