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7037Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Seed Sources in the Philippines

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  • Sergio Montinola
    Feb 1, 2008
      Many thanks for the reply. I will call but my experience of Los Banos is not very constructive. Anyway I will try again.

      Sergio J. Montinola

      Robert Monie <bobm20001@...> wrote:
      Hi Sergio,

      The University of the Philippines at Los Banos has an Agroforestry Seed Information Clearing House (AFSICH). I'm not sure I have the most up to date information on this, but I know Dr. Pamela Fernandez in the Seed Science and Technology Division used to handle information on where to get seeds. See http://www.uplb.edu.ph/ Dr. Fernandez's phone numbers used to be the following:

      Tel. (6349) 536-2468 and 2469. Her FAX was (6349) 536-2468. Her email was

      If all else fails, you should be able to write her at

      Dr. Pamela Fernandez
      Seed Science and Technology Division
      Department of Agronomy
      University of the Philippines
      Los Banos
      College, Laguna, PHILIPPINES

      If this does not work, let me know.

      For herbs, one of the best suppliers is Richter's Herbs in Canada.
      See their website:


      Bost wishes,

      Bob Monie
      Sergio Montinola <sjmosprey2001@...> wrote:
      I am in the Philippines. Interested in herbs and vegetarian plants.

      Where can I get supply of seeds? Can I grow saffron, dahl, etc. ?

      Many thanks,

      Serge Montinola

      parmbir <parm1245@...> wrote:
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Raju Titus"
      <rajuktitus@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > Very good discussion is going in our group. We are
      > in India where so many people are vegetarian some people even not
      > using milk as they think is not veg.
      > Therefore I want to share what Fukuoka is thinking .
      > Natural Way of Farming- chapter -The Nature of Food.-Page 260-
      > Conclusion:
      > Natural farming, natural diet, and natural healing are all
      > parts of one whole. Without an established natural diet, farmers
      > no idea what it is they should produce. Yet nothing is clearer than
      > that, in the absence of an established method of natural farming ,
      > true natural diet will never take hold and spread. Both natural
      > and natural farming can be achieved only by natural people. This
      > trinity begins and is realized at once. The goal of all three is
      > creation of ideal man.
      > However, man's ideals today are in a state of confusion; a
      > hundred schools of thought on natural diet and natural farming
      > for our attention. The book stores are flooded with books on
      > diet, and magazines and journals are full of articles on organic
      > farming, microbial farming, enzyme farming, and other methods that
      > depart from scientific farming. But to me, these all look pretty
      > the same .They are all on the same level and amount to no more than
      > just one field of scientific agriculture.
      > People look on complacently, thinking that the the world goes
      > developing in the midst of repeated chaos and confusion, but
      > fargmented development without a goal can lead only to chaotic
      > thinking and, ultimately, destruction of the human race. Unless we
      > succeed very soon in clarifying what nature is and what man should
      > should not do, there will be no turning back.
      > Raju Titus
      > Natural farmer of India.
      >I think eating non-veg (local produce only) only once at the
      weekend and on family gettogethers could be a good choice.One can
      get necessary nutrients too.This will make that particular day
      special.As it used to be in old times in my family. But now they go
      for exotic imported vegetables and seafood.

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