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703Re: Mr. Fukuoka's family farm

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  • hyderabadee
    Jun 28, 2002
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      Hello everyone!

      I have looked around (on the internet) for Mr.Fukuoka's email/postal
      address/FAX/Phone details. I've FAXed and written several letters
      times to whatever numbers/addresses I got. Never got any response. I
      emailed Rockefeller Brothers Fund for details on Mr.Fukuoka and they
      forwarded my request to Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
      in the Philippines. I rxed. the following from RMAF in the

      Address: 201-2 Ohira Iyo-shi
      Ehime Ken, Japan 799-3131

      Tel. No. (8189) 9832617
      Fax No. (8189) 9831892
      Interpreter : Mr. Koji Imaizumi, Assistant of Mr. Fukuoka

      I FAXed/sent a (few copies of the same) letter (at different dates) to
      the above FAX number/address but have never got any response.

      I wanted to find out if Mr.Fukuoka's farm was still open to visitors,
      and if so what was a good time to visit the farm. I live in San Jose,
      CA and am interested in checking out the farm which I have read about
      in his books.

      Please let me know if any of you have had any success in reaching
      him/his farm lately.

      Moderator, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NaturalFarmingInIndia/
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