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  • Robert Monie
    Feb 1, 2008
      Hi Jim,

      Egg yolks would improve when chickens are allowed to graze freely on pasture leys, because those fowl instinctively choose to eat greens such as purslane that are rich in omega 3 fatty acid. Probably if you wanted to grade all the greens on your field according to their omega 3 content, you could just follow the chickens around from day to day and record which greens on the average they chose to peck first, second, third, and so forth. Norman Turner did something similiar in following his cows around to see which forbs they chose first (though they were attracted by much more than just omega 3 content.) He recorded this in his classic book "Fertility Pastures." Norman loved cattle and cared for them better than many people treat one another. I'm sure that if I ever wanted to eat meat (most unlikely), I would want it to come from animals raised like Turner's on fields sown with a multitude of grasses and herbs for the animals to feast on.

      Best wishes,

      Bob Monie

      PS This year the Endymion parade is back in Mid-City; it starts at the corner of City Park Ave and Orleans at 4:15 tomorrow. I know that this will only matter to a former New Orleanian like you.

      Happy Mardi Gras!

      jim stone <bnsaijim@...> wrote:
      So much to reply to in this digest of messages! I too
      am a former vegeterian/vegan- formerly of New Orleans!

      I'm not a faddist or one that buys into diet as
      spiritual expression. I eat what is healthy and what
      my body seems to do well on. My diet rolls with what
      is available, grown etc. on my land or locally,
      hunted, etc...

      I keep chickens and other fowl as well as a few
      cattle, goats and rabbits. I am moving towards a Joe
      Salatin style of farming.

      He uses a "tractor" for meat birds and a "prairie"
      wagon system for layers where they free range after
      they have lain.

      IMO, it is very difficult to provide all the bird's
      nutrition just from grazing, or will at least
      intially. If you improve the quality of your
      pastures, maybe... This is especially true if you use
      the typical Cornish X meat birds. I've not found an
      ideal breed or cross yet. There are alledgedly
      "Freedom Rangers" , etc. that possess the desired
      qualities to thrive on a pasture system.

      There is a Yahoo group for pastured poultry.

      My concept is to use birds as the "clean up crew"
      after the herbivores ala Salatin. I think I will
      probably do some reseeding of more desirable and
      sustainable species and try to rid my land of invasive
      Johnson and Veasy grasses...

      It's been my experience, however that color, taste and
      quality of egg yolk IMPROVES with access to pasture.

      Chickens will fly over a 6' fence. Clipping may or
      may not help- seems to depend on the bird. Guineas
      will sound the <deafening> alarm sometimes. They
      mostly seem to be 'fraidy cats. Very scatter-brained.
      Will forget what you look like from day to day even
      though you raised them from day one. They are,
      however, good food sources as well.


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