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697Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Mr. Fukuoka's family farm

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  • burt levy
    Jun 26, 2002
      -If you look at Jim Bones' seedballs.com website, I
      believe at the end of the "on a green mountain"
      interview, that it has Mr. Fukuokas' address near Iyo.
      If not there, I know that his address is somewhere on
      his website. Good luck. - nomadique
      <nomadique@...> wrote:
      > AAaa, that's horrid news. I was recently told about
      > him, and hence
      > found this group, and as I am in Japan I hoped to
      > visit the farm in a
      > month or two before I leave Japan.
      > Hello to everyone here, my name is Damon. If anyone
      > can help with
      > directions to the farm I will go and report in for
      > everyone. Is it
      > in/near Iyo on Shikoku Island?
      > And if anyone would like to read about my experience
      > with my Kumitori
      > (pit latrine) and how I turned it into compost
      > please visit my site:
      > cheers
      > D
      > --- In fukuoka_farming@y..., elisabeth denk
      > <elisabethdenk@o...>
      > wrote:
      > > Hello to you all,
      > > I was shocked and saddened about the news that the
      > fukuoka farm is
      > no
      > > longer operating. Is it really true? Has anyone
      > more information
      > > about that issue?
      > > It would be just so sad for sensei fukuoka!
      > > Reagards
      > > Elisabeth

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