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683natural farming in western europe

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  • Rod
    Jun 3, 2002
      Hello everybody
      I am from an english group named primal seeds. We have
      a website (www.primalseeds.org) which we are currently
      redesigning. We want to include information about
      natural farming which we see as truly sustainable
      agriculture. I have read Fukuoka's books and followed
      the postings on this list for several months and am
      very impresed with these ideas.

      While I have practed no-dig growing on a small garden
      scale here in England and visited many permaculture
      projects, as yet I feel I have not seen anything near
      to natural farming in practice. Having read about the
      Bonfils method of growing wheat I would like to know
      if there is anyone out there in France, Spain or other
      nearby countries practicing these methods.

      We would like particularly to visit any natural
      farming projects in operation during the time we will
      be in France in the second half of August this year in
      order to learn and collect information and images so
      that we may be able to promote this important
      rod brown

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