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6476Re: [fukuoka_farming] Soyabeen crop failing in mid India every year.

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  • Nandan Palaparambil
    Sep 25 5:58 AM
      Dear Raju,

      Another reason is that the middle man makes much more
      money than farmers. I think societies formed by the
      farmers should market the products, which happens in a
      few places.

      I have a few questions. Some may be very silly since I
      have only reading knowledge at present.

      > But not only this year, every year it is failing
      > due to drought and insects

      Nandan - I am very eager to know whether the crop will
      completely survive in drought using Natural farming. I
      can see defintely there should be improvements since
      there will be much more water stored in the
      mulch/soil. Why is the government not promoting it ? I
      read the Ashok Sanghavi's
      book about Bhaskar Save and there it is mentioned that
      even the agricultural universities does not promote it
      for various reasons.

      > Fukuoka showed a new do nothing vision to farmers.
      > More than 35% farmers growing Soya were without
      > tilling in USA.

      Nandan - Do the government promote NF in US?

      . So many enemies of harmful insects such as
      > lizard, frogs and snakes live in it and protect
      > crop. Under the shade of mulch lot of earthworms
      > start working they make soil pours up to very deep
      > this porosity absolves most of the rainwater.

      Nandan - If there are snakes in the field, how will
      you harvest? Even when I describe my family about NF,
      they get scared when I say it will be maintained like
      a forest??

      > Shalini and Raju Titus
      > Natural farmers of midIndia
      Nandan - I would like to talk to you. Can you give you
      the phone numbers, whatever I got from the web did
      not work.

      Building a website is a piece of cake. Yahoo! Small Business gives you all the tools to get online.
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