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6473Re: Map of natural farms and meeting

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  • michiyoshibuya
    Sep 23, 2007
      Hello Radha,

      Thank you for replying and volunteering to help.
      It will be most helpful if you can make a website or even just add
      up to this fukuoka farming site somehow
      on what's going on with natural farmers and clayball projects in
      I hear stories of India, but I do not have the whole image.
      How many natural farms do you know in India, and what do they grow
      and how do they grow? Do they use clayballs, Do they accept
      visitors? etc.
      And are there any ongoing clayball projects? How is your project
      going, how was the result of your last seeding, what were the
      difficulites? etc.

      Also how many of fukuoka's books are available, and in what language?

      Can other Indian people help to gather all the above information or
      is it already available somewhere?

      How about making a function with which people can add reports on
      their private visit to the natural farms in addition to the more
      official information of those farms?
      (sorry, it is so easy for me to just make a proposal and give work
      to others, but please do whatever you think you would like to do and
      you think it is helpful to people around you.)

      I think these information from each country will be helpful, but
      perhaps, it will be easier if someone try to gather information from
      his/her own country only and main purpose of the website is to give
      information to the people of that country, (of course, it is good if
      this can help foreign visiters as well). And when we know there are
      enough information from each country worth while to make the
      international website, we can try to sort out information. What do
      you think?

      Thank you Bob, for the map, you are right, the map grew a little
      bigger in my imagination, but I think the original idea for the map
      was very good and when we have enough people to contribute, we can
      for sure, make a better map.

      best wishes,
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