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  • rajutitus lal
    Sep 23, 2007
      Dear friend,
      Thank you very much for reply. Here is a method of making seed balls of ½ inch dia having one seed in one ball.

      Take good quality nicely cleaned, powdered clay soil. Clay is generally used in making earthen pots. This is rich in humus (Mixture of nitrogen fixing bacteria’s, eggs of earthworms and seeds of so many biodiversity. This alone having capacity to convert desert in to green.)

      Mix seed mixture in powdered clay. Check by making one seed ball by hand for quantity of seed per ball it should be near to one. Pour water by sprinkling and need nicely. Keep proper consistency it should be like our lower portion of ear press and feel and keep consistency accordingly.

      Take one ½ inch mesh wire net generally used in sieving stones for making concrete mixture. Pass needed mixture through net to make clods in large quantity. Roll all clods by both hands. Dry balls in shade.

      There is no need to mix any thing in clay. Clay is providing fertility and protection to seed from birds, mice, insects etc. For mice problem it is better to keep ground cover on land by scattering locally available strong weeds seeds. In green natural enemies of mice will come and control.

      witchessocks <witchessocks@...> wrote: dear raju titus,

      i would really like to make a large quantity of seedballs by hand.
      would you mind sharing your knowledge of how to do this again? i know you
      have talked some about this before. i enjoy your photos in the photo
      section of this group, and would appreciate any further descriptions
      and insights you would have at this time.

      there is a large swath of
      clearcut forest near me that i could work with. the local water
      authority cleared a strip of mountain to put a water pipe in and then
      carried the cut material and even the topsoil away. i
      wouldn't mind trying to help that area to revegetate, using
      inexpensive and
      common seeds.

      also, do you know of an ingredient to put into seedballs to deter mice
      from carrying the seedballs away and eating the seeds out of them? i
      have come across several places where mice have stashed seedballs and
      reduced them into piles of clay. lately, i have been putting some
      cayenne pepper into the seedballs i make, but am not sure whether it
      is effective or not. maybe i should just roll the completed, still
      damp seedballs in pepper, in case the pepper inside seedballs would
      possibly cause the seeds to rot.

      or should i even worry about mice? maybe i'm getting too caught up in
      details. i
      notice more
      snakes coming in now that there is more vegetation in my area, maybe
      they will eventually deter or balance the mouse population. also there
      are cats entering into our area from the surrounding neighbors. but we
      still have lots of field mice here, apparently. i'm not sure how many
      seedballs they are getting.

      maybe i should drop all the fancy ingredients in the seedballs and use
      only water, clay, seeds and perhaps some newspaper pulp?

      how is your natural farm doing now? thank you for any information you may
      possibly provide.***********robin

      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, rajutitus lal <rajuktitus@...>
      > Dear friend,
      > 1-Why you wants to make large quantities of seed balls ?
      > 2- It is possible to make large Quantity of seed balls by hand.
      > 3-Sowing seeds by seed balls is a method to get rid off from machines.
      > 4-If you are interested in making seed balls by hand in large
      quantity please reply.
      > Raju Titus
      > Natural farmer from India.
      > aaronjana1 <janaaron@...> wrote:
      > I am wanting to make seed balls. Is there a design for a
      machine to
      > make large quantities of seed balls please?
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