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623Re: [fukuoka_farming] Mr. Fukuoka's family farm

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  • Robert Monie
    May 19, 2002
      The film is "The Close to Nature Garden" produced in 1982 (ISBN: 1-56026-381-0) by Rodale Press and available from Bullfrog Films, P.O. Box 149, Oley, PA 19547.
      You can see the ad at http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/cng.html
      I believe this film mentions that,even back in 1982, younger farmers on or near the Fukuoka farm had adandoned Masanobu's natural methods and were spraying, tilling, and artifically fertilizing. Bullfrog has two other gardening films, one on organic farmer John Jeavons and another on Alan Chadwick, who Emilia once studied with. Fukuoka's new book (in Japanese only) has a photograph of him visiting the University of Santa Cruz farm that the college inherited from Chadwick.
      Chadwick had an interesting way of making compost from herbs. I would like to hear from Emilia how she eventually weaned herself from making compost separately (the way Chadwick did, I believe) and let the "self-fertility" of the soil take over in green manure, cover crops, and interplanting. This self-fertility is, of course, the essence of Fukuoka's natural farming. It is a tough transition for an organic gardner to make. I started making it when I saw how nicely pea leaves and stalk work as mulch and decompose back into the soil.
      Allan Balliett <igg@...> wrote: >Years ago I saw a video that conveyed a reasonable snapshot of
      >Fukuoka's message but I can't remember the title.

      Would this be the Bullfrog Films "Almost Nature Gardening"? -Allan

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